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Welcome to LB Music Consulting!

LB Music Consulting is committed to providing accurate, reliable, and credible reviews and critiques for multiple media content (Video & Audio). We provide fair and honest reviews to all work submitted. Our Board of Music Consultants have multiple years of experience across a variety of platforms within the music and entertainment industry. We are committed to providing professional services in a timely fashion as well as connections to a network of media platforms for dissemination and exposure. Here you can submit music to be reviewed and critiqued by our experienced Music Consulting Board. We review Visuals, Singles, Mixtapes, LPs, Pre- and Post-Master or Release.

Our reviews include a brief overall assessment of your work. Our critiques include a detailed analysis of your work. Both services include a ranking AND grading scale that illustrates potential popularity individually and within a promotional circuit with like content. We also provide itemized and detailed information on strengths and weaknesses of your work and offer services for Market Research, Visual Construction, and Advisory Promotional Packages.

The Process:

Step 1: Take the submission survey –Give us some information about yourself so we can provide you with the best service possible.

Step 2: Submit work –Via email send confirmation of successfully completing survey and a copy of your work (in Mp3 or Mp4 format as an attachment or media-link i.e. SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.) to

Step 3: Receive you review/critique –24 to 48 hours after submission you will receive your review/critique.

Please take the survey below:

Submission Survey

If you do not take the survey, your work will not be reviewed.

THANK YOU! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got! 🙂


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