Random Thoughts of August

You know what I can't stand? People who LOUDLY carry on a conversation on the phone while on the train 🙄🙄🙄STFU AND TEXT! I DON'T HAVE 2 FUCKS IN A BUCKET TO GIVE about  you traveling across town to get your hair braided, how you just left moo moo house because they was tripping, or why... Continue Reading →

Strangers In Their Own Land

I just recently finished Strangers In Their Own Land by Arlie Russell Hochschild and in the wake of recent racially motivated events I feel privileged in my perspective. I read 'Tears We Cannot Stop' by Michael Eric Dyson just before I cracked this one open. The messages are almost completely opposite sides of the spectrum.... Continue Reading →

Mic Check, 1, 2…

Hey Good People! So maybe I don't necessarily have the face for radio (maybe more so when I'm fresh from my slumber) but apparently I have the personality for it. Now, I've been wanting to start a podcast of some sorts and I know that I can just do it, but personally, I don't think... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts of July

Since its August 1st, you know what that means! AND ANOTHER ONE *DJ Khaled Voice* YAP! Another Record of my Random Thoughts for the month of July. When I re-read it, I realized that I look hella lonely 😂. Let the Record reflect that I actually didn't feel as lonely and sad as it may seem.... Continue Reading →

*This is a live document* Naturally I'm a planner. I love planning trips to go on (or even when the trip is unexpected, I can come up with an alternative itinerary so I can have some fun outside whatever work I'm there to do.) So, I didn't do anything last year for my 25th birthday... Continue Reading →

2 Centz!: Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian

I HAVE to give my 2Centz on this... I REALLY REALLY REEEEAAALLLYY could not let this slide. So if you've been following this shitty litty sticky situation, you already know that Rob & Chyna aren't together anymore and that legal action has been taken to keep Rob away. But lets do a recap to see... Continue Reading →

2 Centz!: Michael Vick & Colin Kaepernick

HAY! So I decided to start a new segment called, you guessed it: 2Centz! Because Sometimes, I just can't let stuff slide, and I have to give my 2centz. This is one of those times. SO! Provided you've been getting your google alerts or notifications from ShadeRoom and Baller Alert, you'd already know about Michael... Continue Reading →

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