Random thoughts of December

Good morning and Happy New Year! 🍾πŸ₯‚πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰. We made it to 2019!! Well, I’m starting out on time this year lol. So without further a due, I present: My Random Thoughts Of December (2018). Enjoy πŸ™ƒ!!

December 5th- today I turned twenty-selfish.

I turned twenty-savage

If you know me, you know that when you see me out, regardless, come speak…. I ain’t ignoring you. I’m just blind. Lol sorry not sorry… if you know me, you know to approach me and speak lol. Periodt.

I am a woman of action.

It really annoys me when guys try to flirt but dont realize when I’ve become dead ass about what I’m saying.

Niggas are dumb. And I’m annoyed.

You know you old when you look at your calendar to see what you have planned for any given day… and when you only have work, it’s a good day lol

Uber drivers are the worst. No conversation. Cant ever find my location. Fucking weirdos…. I use Lyft 😌😴😴😴

12/17/2018- 10:30sumn AM: I’m walking down Denison and I see 2 big ass pitbulls running around with no leash. I see a man behind a car but I dont know if he is their owner or not still. One dog runs up to me and I smile and put my arm out as its behind me sniffing my heels and jumps up a lil bit. The guy calls the dog over before it can smell my fist.. he says “you must have a dog” I just smiled. I heard him say “they got a good heart” I said “they do”. He said “No you do! You gotta good heart!” ☺☺☺

12/17/2018- 12:20sumn PM: waiting on the bus to go to the craft store. A man approaches me and says “excuse me but you are so beautiful, can I give you a ride?”

Me: 😯🀨 absolutely not.

Man: you know what, you shouldn’t get in any man’s car….but I recognize you…”

Me: πŸ€¨πŸ€”πŸ˜―

Man: …And I think how you are right now with no make up on and no club look, you are beautiful. And I’ll take care of you..

Me: *looks around at car that just pulled a u-turn in front of me, looks at light, looks at bus coming down the street, looks at man, looks back at bus”😬😬😰

Man: I’ll give you 20$…

Me: 😳😲 look I’m flattered but I’m good ✌🏽 and gets on bus.

If you call yourself my friend but you only hmu when you’re drunk and horny, we are not friends. You blocked. And to ‘my nigga’ I’m specifically talking to, I meant it when I said I’ll slap the shit outchu on site if you text me that bullshit again.

Some people are blocked through the phone and social media. You have been restristed to in-person contact only. πŸ‘ŒπŸ½. No worries, you can get blocked from that too…

I am uni.verse.

I must protect my energy at all costs

I wish I still had friends that I’ve known for 20+ years πŸ˜”

I been doubling my words (i.e. oh you mad mad..; no, I mean he wasnt like chunky big, he was big big…). Yall late Af. And I dont even like doing it anymore πŸ™„πŸ˜‘

If you know that I am a literal person, and you talk to me in metaphors, then I snap on you; dont be surprised. I’m bout that SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY life.. dummy.

When I like someone I’m beyond submissive.

I’m watching the History Channel and I den came to the conclusion that Wakanda is underneath Antarctica 😳😲😱🀫.

Even when I’m drunk I still have half a mind to make decisions pertaining to my future moments… and when I realize it I always giggle and say “you so smart!”

I just figured out why old ppl like older music more than new-age music. The message is the same (I wanna fuck) the delivery is just different. Old skool is like “c’mon lady let me undress ya”. New skool like “lemme fuck you raw fuck the outcome” 🀣 makes perfect sense.

If you have to sell yourself to me as to why I should fuck with/be with you, ima dead it right there.

Someone posted on ig: “”drake said turn the 6 upside it’s a 9 now” that means 2019 gone be as good as 2016.”…now, I had to think about it, 2016 was a good year for me. I made a grossly bad decision that caused the end of the year to end bad but I know where I fucked up and I know better now. So I hope it is like 2016 😁

I hope that the men who gossip like women about me keep that same energy when I’m around. So I can talk about where they fucked up and why they blocked… let’s talk about that.

I know I’ve gained alot of weight but it may not look like alot. My coworker said to me “oooh girl you den gained some ass since workin here!” I said, yea I gained a lil weight. She says “yea that’s that good loving weight!” I just laughed like nah cuz I’m not even close to being in love… but she right, cuz I been loving myself 😌.

I stretched out my hips (because that’s where I carry alot of my stress) and it felt so good that I cried. I didnt realize how stressed I was until I felt the tension releasing. I had a self actualizing moment.

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