Random Thoughts Of September

Sorry guys I’m hellaaaaa late… I been a bit distracted 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️. But! Like The Carter V, and the mixtape THE WAIT IS OVER! 😆. I present to you: My Random Thoughts Of September. Enjoy!


I find it kinda interesting when I see girls who are IG Celebrities and are always taking pictures of themselves at a club or a hotel… bitch, where do you reside? Do you have a home or do you live out a suitcase ?

Why when I tell you to do something that’s going to help you, and you disregard it, then shit hits the fan, you’re blaming me? 😑😑😑 NOOO NIGGAA! Dont blame your poor decision making on me!!! And I DONT feel sorry for you!😠😠😤😤

If you’re waiting on me to invite you to live with me, dont. I live alone… happily and on purpose.

There is a reason for when someone offers/tries to do something nice for me, I respectfully decline –“oh that’s nice but you dont have to do that…”– BECAUSE: I dont like the feeling of obligation to reciprocate. I dont like feeling like ‘oh they did xyz for me, I gotta look out for them’, especially when it hinders me more than helps. AND, I dont owe anybody a damn thing, and I dont like feeling like I do. I can fend for myself.

If I snap on you once, take the damn hint… because it is only going to get progressively MORE aggressive with every response

Who wears fur pool side? Brook retarded face-ass Valentine. That’s who. You sound messy and you look it too.

I allowed Shanade onto my phone plan, and all though this isn’t a source of frustration or strain on our friendship, I am seriously considering just kicking her off the plan. Her attitude has gotten THAT rotten that… I miss my friend but I dont even want to deal with her. The phone line is the only thing keeping us connected…😞😓.

I’m that girl that will send you a text then block you so I won’t get your response. Then unblock you like a day later.

I hate job hunting. I really do lol

I received a text earlier today… about how bad a nigga wanted to fuck me again… see, this is why I been hella stingy with the pussy.. bc you niggas dont know how to act once you get it. NOPE! *clank clank* AND ITS BEEN A MINUTE.

How do you just TELL me you’re coming to my house? No ask nigga. And now that youve asked, the answer is no 😑

How do you come to me with the whole exact entirety of the same swag… as your cousin??… who you know I’m cool with? Lol that shit is weird! 😄😄 and yall both look like some dumbasses. 😂😂😂😂😂 just pass the dutchie dumbass 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Being broke and over 30 is not a thing. That shit is not cool.. I need to pull this bullshit together!🤬😱🤡🤦🏽‍♀️😫

You find out who your real friends are when you send that cash app request! Lol 😫

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