London’s Times Weekly (1/24/2018)

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Aright 😒🤦‍♀️. So look… lemme start with: I’m sorry and Happy New Year. I have been… m.i.a. to put it lightly lol. I mean… I haven’t been a hermit but I haven’t been as active as I’d like to be. I can’t even call this a weekly update tho 🙄😞 smfh. Like… this is more than a month late.. a month.. A MONTH! I’m sorry yall. I’m sorry. That’s all I can do… is apologize. I don’t have an excuse forreal and I don’t really have an explanation… But we here now 🤷‍♀️

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So…. Lemme start with a recap and an update…

My bday trip to LA this past December was cool. I had fun but I’ll be honest… I was broke af out there. PISSED! I had money being delivered to me in the mail… but of course USPS is employed with nothin but lazy fuckers… So instead of it being delivered the NEXT DAY (which is what the postage & shit was paying for), it took 2 days… and instead of the mailman using the fucking directory posted DIRECTLY ABOVE the mailboxes to identify the correct mailbox and deliver the funds A DAY LATE, they kept the envelope containing the funds and marked it as undeliverable. Do you know, I ALMOST went POSTAL!?!? 😡… whatever. The whole trip wasn’t a loss. I did have fun, went to dinner for my birthday (Thanks Kendall!!), got smoked out and had some crazy gummies lol (Thanks Forte!!), and experienced my first battle with sand storms and California forest fires. I’m traumatized 💨😨😲. And I’ma just leave that there.

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After I came back from my mini vacation, of course I had a few epiphanies (because I always have epiphanies when I travel) but I think the most prolific message I absorbed was to just plain and simple, trust God. Like seriously have faith in him. Lemme tell yall sumn… This is something I have struggled with for a long time.. I still struggle sometimes (given this fresh relationship and the patience necessary to keep it running smoothly lol)… just trusting God. Let me clarify… blindly trusting Him. I mean… we blindly trust our friends, family, and co-workers to set us up on blind-dates, give movie suggestions, and give us bad fashion advice. So why can’t I blindly trust God? To be honest, its been working out better than trusting everyone else lol 🤷‍♀️. Regardless of what I want to pray or talk to God about, I have a special way of addressing him and asking for what I want.


If you guys want another post about prayer then I will gladly give it to you. I try to keep it to myself because I know some people feel like when you express your views and beliefs you are pressing them onto others. This aint that. Never was. Never will be. But like I said, if you want it; ask and you shall receive.

Moving on!!… So needless to say, 2017 was one big fat shit-hole of a year for me. By far, one of the worst. But it all culminated into the perfect ending to a shitty year, catapulting the beginning of something spectacular in 2018. Sooooo….. I’ll start with the update from my court case. In case you missed it on my snapchat or my Instagram stories, THAT SHIT GOT DISMISSED BIIIHHH!!! Like I knew it would!

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They raggedy! RAGGEDY I FUCKING TELL YOU!! And when I looked at the records myself, it should have been dismissed a long time ago. But it wasn’t… and that’s cool. Because now I have leverage to make demands. And I will. Believe that I will. And as a matter of fact…

I wouldn’t have known to look at the documents from the case (that the courts had on record) if it weren’t for the suggestion of… the new boo. Yap! He’s the one that told me exactly what to look for and ask for and what some abbreviations meant. Nah, he ain’t a lawyer. Might as well be tho 😂. No but forreal. My case was dismissed December 19th and I hadn’t known this gentleman for a whole month at this point…. So lemme tell you how THIS started… 😅🤦‍♀️

Some time after Thanksgiving and before my birthday…

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I embarked on a quest to the hair supply store to fetch a few items necessary to complete the look I wanted for my birthday trip. I get what I need from said hair store… but for some God forsaken reason, I go to Popeyes next door. I don’t need any Popeyes. I just bought food. BUT! I just HAD to go get some not-at-all-worth-it popcorn shrimp. I’m on the phone with my girl Shanade and while I’m waiting to be waited on, I think of something ignorant and rude that makes me laugh inside… I say to her “when I leave here, remind me to tell you something”.. When I walk out, Shanade is anxiously awaiting the funny thing I had to tell her. I’m setting up the scene for her and I’m building up to my punchline then BOOM! I hit the ground. Hard. Mid-sentence. Open Street corner. Hella traffic. 😩😫😫🤦‍♀️. Omg it was so embarrassing lol and a clear demonstration of instant-karma. Or in this case PRE-karma lol, because I couldn’t even get my sentence out before I felt the wrath 😂😭. But falling is apart of my daily routine and this was a bad fall. Per usual, I couldn’t help but to laugh. So I walked home with a HUGE gash in my right leg. I was more pissed off about putting a hole in a pair of really nice, really expensive, really unique pair of leggings. I was thoroughly upset about that. still am. to. this. day. Now my left leg, although not as superficially as damaged, far more damaged than my right leg (and my right leg was reeeeaaalllyyyy really really bad). Like I had to had damaged the socket or torn a ligament or something…all internal damage tho. My right knee didn’t start healing (It was literally an open wound) until my actual birthday. It was at least a week, seriously. It has since healed nicely. My left leg… it was never scrapped or even bruised; but it hurts. TO. THIS. DAY. My left knee cannot be in one position for too long or it will start aching and it cracks now whenever I twist it a certain way 😩😓🤬🤕

Anywho anywho… as I’m limping home (took an alternative route), I’m still on the phone with Shanade as this Infiniti truck pulls up on me. I kept walkin. The truck bends around a corner and follows me a little further and then bends the next corner 🙄🤦‍♀️🙄🤦‍♀️🙄. I peep that someone is tryna holla at me but I’m thinking 2 things: 1) I’m bleeding out my leg. I have a huge gash in my leg. If this fool wants my number and doesn’t see I’m injured, this nigga is an idiot and don’t pay attention.. and he deserve whatever he gets lol and 2) If he DOES see I’m injured and still wants to holla… well… I think you’re batshit crazy but here we go… I turned the corner and the guy in the passenger’s seat had already hopped out of the car and was waiting on me lol. Long story short, I gave him my number and I haven’t regretted it. We’ve been kinda inseparable since I came back from LA.

And I’m happy.

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I’ma leave it relatively brief because I believe that telling too much of your relationship jinxes it. So I’ma leave it there. I’m taken and I’m happy. (I need to find another reason for the ‘B’ now lol)

Moving on!! Soo… as far as my job… I’d been waiting on that bullshit case to get dismissed so I can move on with my life and get a better job… and once it got dismissed I IMMEDIATELY started applying to places including the call center job I wanted back in July that illuminated this whole legal case situation in the first place. After a little bit of time, I was invited for another interview at the call center and was hired… and I start next Monday (Jan 29). Yall… I’m excited. At my last job not only was it too much dumb drama (which had gotten worse), but I literally couldn’t survive on my paychecks and it literally wasn’t worth my time to go in after a while… (When you only getting paid $8.50/hr, scheduled for 4hrs, and it takes a total of 3+ hours to get to and from work… outside of the fact that its been BRICK AF outside and I’d actually die waiting for the bus) …this shit just wasn’t worth my time. Even if I HAD shown up for all of my scheduled shifts, my paycheck still wouldn’t have been enough to cover my cable bill… And that’s the cheapest bill I have. Anywho, I had been wanting to quit for some time. My new beau suggested I quit. And God let me know that I could. So I did.

So… with all that being said, I have been contemplating more of a relationship column or relationship advice posts.. I think I’ve been in a position to be a reputable source but maybe just not necessarily the most credible given my short list of actual relationships. That’s potentially the perception. But I feel like being IN a relationship allows me to give better advice because my own relationship is in real time. Anyways look for it. Ask for it. Feel free to DM me a question or scenario on Instagram (@_iamlondonb_) or send it in an email to londonstimes@gmail.com. I’d love to hear what some of you guys are going through and try to help.

I hope that this mini-update quenches ya thirst. I have other things going on but I’m a leave em off the gridiron for now… So AS ALWAYS!! Like, Comment, Subscribe, and Follow!

Sorry to end so abruptly but I’m tired lol and There’s other things I could talk about but I think you’ve gotten your fix thus far lol. So.. Until Next Time 😉🙃✌️

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