Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts Of December

I’m a lil late but that’s because ive been literally in my own world for the past month… and trying to hibernate because of this cold ass disrespectful weather 😭😖🌪❄. But anywho!, here you go! My Random Thoughts Of December and my FINAL thoughts of 2017!! Enjoy 🙃

Eminem is top5 all time… You know what I’d love to see? Eminem and Drake battle. I love Drake but Eminem would obliterate him lol.

Niggas… You can not be considered an “OG” before you’re 21. Period. This supersedes street-law. Common sense always supercedes street-law.

Why do we always have to have a license to buy a car? I mean I know you don’t HAVE to have it but legally it’s necessary.. but I’m thinking.. why do we NEED it? Like why do we always need to get it renewed? You not takin the test again when you renew your license And once you learn how to drive you don’t forget… it’s like riding a bike. It takes skill to be an expert but once you’ve learned the basics you’re good. A license isn’t anything except An identification number that says you are one of several people who understand and meet the requirements and responsibilities of the activity. Think about it (bartending license. Medical license. License to practice law. A cdl license)… so I guess my prompt is: if the rules haven’t changed why do we have to renew licenses we worked hard to attain? Ignoring certain obvious stipulations (i.e. if you’re over 65 I think you should have to retake the driving test every 2 years.)

How do niggas who make 2-3x as much as me who don’t live alone not have enough money to help me in the event of an emergency? What bills do you really have my nigga? You don’t pay rent 🙄 which would be most of your money… don’t pay utilities… maybe have a car but it ain’t sucking up your income. What are you doing with your money besides wasting it?

I am such a loyal person. I actually hate when people say that (because you shouldn’t talk about yourself, other people are supposed to talk [highly] about you) but I really am. Like to a fault. There are people I have such long and deep friendships with, that even though we don’t talk very often, if they called me in need of something they know I’d help them. I don’t look for it back, just respect; which is appropriately given.

Am I crazy for not wanting to have sex with guys when I first meet them?🤷‍♀️ especially if I’m really interested in them 🙄. Not to say that I haven’t done it but I never want to right out the gate… and niggas really drop my ass because of that 😞😂 ahh oh well.
— it’s niggas that expect the buns even during the 2nd or 3rd time we hang out 🤔🤔🤔 I guess…. as a nigga… that could be an appropriate assumption 🤔🤔… lol nah… you gets it when I gives it HomeBoaw 😂. I’m tryna read your mind. I want you to open my mind. The sex gone be great regardless 😂😹 and I’m trying to move away from fuck- buddies & meaningless sex. SO IF THIS IS SOUNDS LIKE YOU, DO NOT TRY ME. I REPEAT!! DO NOT SHOOT YOUR SHOT! I DO NOT PLAY AROUND AND YOUR FEELINGS WILL GET HURT LOL #ISSAFACT DO NOT TRY ME. THANKS IN ADVANCE. But do that really make me crazy? 🙃😂😐

I think my lack of motivation comes from the lack of support. Not like physical or financial support, but like emotional/ mental support. I have people In my corner but I don’t have an immediate circle… people I can really lean on or ask for help…. and other than my mama my family don’t give a fuck.

Overly nice men irritate me… in my head it’s like “why are you being so nice? What the fuck do you really want? Why are you showering me with affection and you don’t even know my full name 😑? Ain’t no way you’re nice like this to all females. I’m not ya ‘mama’, ‘baby’, ‘boo’, ‘sweetheart’, ‘wifey, ‘sweetie’, ‘babe’ OR ‘bae’ !!! Don’t call me that shit unless I call you that first!!! It honestly just fuels the fire of irritation.

— I need a man that’s nice enough to tell me how he feel but I ain’t gone think he a bitch ass nigga and lose respect for him but still gangsta enough to chivalrously dominate AND elevate me as his woman 🙄 is that too much to ask?🤷‍♀️

I have this rule (that don’t always apply to me lol): don’t trust a bitch with no purse. A bitch with no purse is up to no good 😂… but i be out here without a purse all the time 😂😂🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ and just be going to work or running errands lol. But I don’t trust no female when I see that 😂 at first any way

It really irks my nerves when grown man can’t spell simple words correctly in texts… how old are you? Like forreal tho? 🤔😑

Believe in the universe

Yo!! It was never this cold when Obama was president!!! WTF!! — this is part of a punishment… no other explanation. 🤦‍♀️

I’ve clearly been slacking on my pimpin with the writing… I been hella distracted. It’s a new year and I need to just go hard with my plans for my personal brand..

I don’t really have new year’s resolutions, I just know I need to get my shit together and I know how.


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