London’s Times Weekly (11/26)

Hey good people! Happy Sunday!

I know I’m a lil overdue but I figured my last few posts would hold you over 😁. But its Sunday… lemme give yall an update on whats been going on..

If yall missed “The Power of Prayer“, go check that out.. because that was a crazy experience that resulted in positivity and blessings my way I was not expecting.

Soo… This week… I’ve been… just grateful. It was Thanksgiving this week and although I didn’t spend the holiday with my family (I was definitely at home.. alone.. and I made baked chicken & spinach), I still thought about things to be grateful for. I honestly hope that all of you had a great Thanksgiving filled with joy, laughter, and love from the ones that you love. That’s what the holidays are about (which is why this time of year is kinda hard for me).. But here’s a list of 7 Things To Be Thankful For:

  1. Be Thankful you woke up this morning– plain & simple, some people didn’t. Every day is a blessing.
  2. Be Thankful for your station in life-  If you’re not where you want to be, be thankful for where you are, because that is motivation to progress. If You are exactly where you want to be, be grateful for everything that has put you there.
  3. Be Thankful for who you are surrounded by- If you’re alone, be grateful you have the opportunity to be alone and have your own space; some people go their whole lives not having their own space. If you are surrounded by people, be grateful for the people you are surrounded by; you’re surrounded by people who care or who you can learn from.
  4. Be Thankful for your direction- If you’re headed in the right direction, be grateful for proper guidance.. it isn’t available to everyone. If you’re headed in the wrong direction, be grateful that you realized it before you went too far.
  5. Be Thankful for who you are- you are imperfect and designed by God himself. Own It.
  6. Be Thankful for employment- Be thankful for having a place to go and you get paid for what you do; you have an income. Be thankful you have off-days to rest. If you’re unemployed, be thankful for your previous experiences and for the situation you are currently in, its an opportunity.
  7. Be Thankful for ALL of your past experiences- You would not be who you are. You would not be where you are. You would not be surrounded by who you are surrounded by. You would not have the blessings and opportunities in-front of you that you have.

These are just the things I thought about and that I AM Thankful for.. I hope you all are thankful for the same things and more… Moving on…

So I have a lil story for yall… and I was really debating on if I wanted to share it or not. If you know me, you know one thing I DO NOT PLAY ABOUT is Domestic Violence. I👏DO 👏NOT 👏PLAY👏. I WILL TRY TO BREAK IT UP OR I WILL CALL THE POLICE (Abusers, you have been warned). So yesterday after I got of work, I rode with a friend downtown. She was going on a date, I was catching the bus from downtown to my house. After we parted ways, I’m walking down Prospect Ave towards Public Square and I’m on my phone. I notice a group of 4 walking in front of me. I could only assume that it was 2 women and their kids (1 kids each)… As I’m walking and minding my business, I see one of the women hit one of the kids (baby girl couldn’t have been older than 7). I look up and notice… The woman began cursing at the child.. I’m talking about “Shut the fuck up before I beat the fuck outta you!… Where the fuck you goin? Get yo ass back here lil bitch!…” I heard all of this OVER my music in my headphones and I was a good 100ft away. Yall, she was hitting the lil girl.. I heard her screaming and crying over my music too! And there was a bunch of people out on the street!! Like, I wasn’t the only one witnessing this!

Now look, I’m not one to interfere when a parent is disciplining their child (because some kids are bad as hell and just need a good ass-whoopin) but what this woman was doing… it was assault. You DO NOT talk to a child like that. You do not handle a child like that. She threw the little girl into the side of a building.. when she tripped a little, the woman yoked her up by her hood and threw her forward yelling “What The Fuck Are You Doing?! Get Yo Ass Up Before I Beat Yo Ass!”. After I went back & forth in my head about what’s justifiable discipline and what’s not, I slowed down my walk to put a little more distance between us and I turned a corner and called the Police. All I could think about was “That’s abuse. That little girl is getting abused at home. I don’t know for sure but if this is what happens in public, I can’t even fathom what she gets at home. She’s gonna grow up screwed up” So I called. I called the police, told them where she was and what direction she was heading and exactly what I saw. I took an alternative route to the bus station I needed to get to but I was able to see from a safe distance, the police lights in that area. I really hope and pray to God that they were able to help that little girl.

**Sidebar: I honestly believe that until a child is 18 years of age, their poor decisions are no fault of their own. I blame the parents or whoever was designated as the caregiver.. because its like, where did you get that from? who taught you that? who taught you to think that behavior was ok for you? Who hurt you? Where was the person who was supposed to show you the right way? granted there are children who are dependent upon the state system (which we all know is designed for failure) but adults KNOW right from wrong and are OBLIGATED to show the next generation the difference and the route they need to be on, the right path. Just my thoughts tho… Moving on…

Sooooo…. I been talkin about it and talkin about it and talkin about it…. MY BIRTHDAY BITCHES!!!! ITS COMIN!! And I’m going lol… OT ✈️✈️✈️ LOS ANGELES HERE I COME!  I’ll be out in LA December 1st thru December 6th (My bday is the 5th)… Honestly, all I really want to do is go to dinner, go to a club, and just absorb the energy. OH! and get an interview and a job. I’ve been applying to open positions in the Los Angeles area for the past 2 days (I know its the weekend and they’re not looking on a Saturday or Sunday but HELLO MONDAY! And HELLO JOB lol). Lemme find something… HELLO NEW HOME! lol Anywho, my 25th birthday I was in a hospital 🙄🤦‍♀️, So… I plan on it being different. Now I will say, I’m salty af that the jumpsuit I ordered to wear… it came… but it was straight garbage. Not at all what I expected; Cheaply made, uncomfortable, ill-fitting… ehh 😑😑. So now… I’ll just have to pull from my closet archive (stuff I’ve never worn before lol). I’m salty.. not even gonna lie. I’m salty af. … But I’ll find something.

Finally, THIS WEEK, I have my FINAL court date. This the GRAND Hoo-rah yall. All the other court appearances were meetings with my lawyer (aside from the housing bullshit, that was something different).. this Wednesday is the last time I have to go to court for this BS on my record… and its about to get dismissed bitch! And I’m suing their asses for lost wages. If you really wanna know what happened, I am willing to tell you the story… but I just really can’t wait for this shit to be over!!

Keep me in your prayers with this upcoming trip, court date, and just in general because I keep yall in mine 🙏. Whether Sunday is the beginning of your week or the end of your week, I hope that it has been a good day of the week for you…. and Like ALLLLWWAAAYYYSS! Like. Comment. Subscribe. Follow.

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