The Power of Prayer

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Soo… this is not a weekly update (clearly by the title), but the last few days have been so… convincing and interesting and well.. overwhelming. Lemme just say, if you believe in God, this is for you.. If you don’t believe in God, well to each his own but this is for you too. I’m not about to try to bring you to the Lord or anything… that will happen on its own. or not. But I just have to share this story.. because if this happened to me, I know it can happen for anyone. And I have been blessed to really see how the Lord works.. literally right before my eyes šŸ‘€.

So if you’ve read any of my previous posts (particularly my last few weekly updates) you would know that I have been in a roller-coaster relationship with my Job and I’m looking for a new one.. or just another one I suppose. But look.. I swear God and the Universe work in mysterious ways. Look what happened:

So a few days ago, I saw a post on this girl’s page that I follow about “promo model casting call”. So I screenshot the post and put it in my calendar and begin to plan my outfit. Ya know, just regular planning. ..

So I’m coming home from work and I have to stop through downtown to get to my house… well When I get off the train and start heading to that last bus I need to take, I decide that I want a drink. So I decide to switch directions and I walk over to this lil hood, hole-in-the-wall bar near Public Square (Ontario Street Bar) because I know they have really cheap drinks and you can get fuuuucked up in there. So I walk in, grab a seat at the bar and order a long island. So as I’m there and get comfortable, I’m talkin to everybody and whatnot.. this guy comes and sits in the seat next to me and he chimes in on the convo i’m having with the bartender. .. we laugh and joke, and start talking. We stepped outside to smoke, came back, and switched to a booth from the bar. Well we’re at the booth for some time and we agree to leave together (not going to the same place but going in the same direction, he was taking the bus too).

So we leave, we start running to the bus stop because I see the bus coming. Well as soon as I stop running, I notice my phone is gone. I start having a damn panic attack. The bus right there but I’m like FUCK THAT! HELP ME FIND MY PHONE. So we walking back through the square to find my phone.. asking other people if they saw me drop anything… nothing. We go all the way back to the bar and I begin to ask the bartenders if someone found a phone… they say no. I ask the security guard, he says no. I ask the guy who is in the seat we just got up from and I asked him if I can search the table, he says yes and gets up. I’m looking, looking, looking… then I spot my headphones. So now I have a problem… because my headphones were attached to my phone the whole time I was in the bar.. so I’m thinking someone has stolen my phone and left the headphones. So i ask the bartenders and the security guard again.. and they give me the same answer. I ask the guy at our previous table, “look, I don’t mean no disrespect but… would you please allow me to search your bag?” and he agrees! So I dump his bag and I’m looking through it but before I get to the bottom he gets uptight and starts pulling on it and the security guard walks up telling me I need to leave because I can’t do that. I said “first of all, this man gave me permission to search him so you need to back up off me”, shortly thereafter, the security guard kicks me and the friend I made out of the bar. I’M HURT! HURT YALL!!! I AIN’T EVEN HAD THE PHONE A WHOLE MONTH! MATTER OF FACT, THAT DAY WAS LITERALLY DAY30 OF ME HAVING MY PHONE (Since I upgraded to my Samsung Note 8). I could not believe it yall. I cried all the way home and then some more once I got home.

I was soooo hurt. Devastated. Crushed. Pained. Yall, that’s putting it lightly. I didn’t know how I felt but it was bad.. I haven’t had the phone a whole month! And WITH insurance it would’ve been at least $200 to replace it. That’s $200 I don’t have… and it ain’t even goin towards my already past due bill… šŸ˜«šŸ˜“šŸ˜­ . So I get home, I try to find my phone through Google.. it has my last location… AT THE BAR. Yo I’m tight. I’m like, you know what… I swear!! Ima find this damn phone!! I’m PISSED!! I’m thinking of all the ways I’m about to ruin someone’s life, the person who stole my phone WILL PAY. Pressing charges; grand larsony, theft… anything!!! I kept refreshing the Google- find my phone app at on my laptop.. And to no avail. šŸ˜­ It still said it was at the bar.

The prayer—怋 of course I’m paraphrasing because the conversation was very personal but It went something to the effect of

“dear Lord almighty, first of all, just thank you for this day…… please allow me to find this phone…. please bring it back to me… I’m sorry for idolizing the phone dear lord…… I promise I will not assault the person who has the phone… please remove that from me because you know how upset I am right now dear lord…………. guide me to do better dear lord……… Amen.

So I go to file a police report the next day with the local police department… he said because of how much it cost a detective would follow up but they “used the same technology to locate phones that you have access to”šŸ‘®ā€ā™‚ļø

I walk home.. Still sulking.. crying.. on the bright side, I still have ol’ reliable , my Samsung s4.. call and text and email lol. That’s all I need lol I begin to think lol. Trying to look on the bright side lol. So I get home, successfully activate my S4 and I’m emotionally spent.. I get on my laptop and start a phone insurance claim to replace the phone to see how much it is.. before it finished loading through all the pages I had fallen asleep šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜“šŸ˜“.

I’m awakened to a phone call

Me: hello?


Me: [pause] he.. hello?

Male: Yes! Hello? Did you lose something!!??

Me: [sits up] you have my phone? Is it black? With a pink case on it?

Male: Yes! I found it! I’ve been calling the number trying to find you

Me: [breaks into tears] OOHHMAWWGAAAWWSSHHH!! WHERE ARE YOU? listen, where are you? I will come to you right now.. 怊I was so ready to get dressed and hop on the bus.. I would’ve went to muthafuckin Columbus if I had to!!!怋

Y’all, he tried to play me and act like he was going to sell my phone I broke down crying! šŸ˜­šŸ˜­ “NOO! Please don’t! I can’t buy my own phone back! I can’t even replace it with insurance! šŸ˜­šŸ˜­ and it’s still New! Lol he agrees to give me my phone back

Male: well I’m at work on my break right now, but I’m about to go to my second job. I’m going to be downtown. … around 2 or 3

Me: ok bet. I have to go downtown too.. I was going down there about 3 so that’s cool.

So we agree to meet at his job at a restaurant downtown. Mind you, this just so happened to be the day of the promo model casting… And the weather was… to put it lightly: batshit crazy

When I say it was a fight.. IT WAS A FUGGIN FIGHT! šŸ˜© BUT I MADE IT! I made it in my dress and heels.. and I’m glad I upgraded my umbrella when I went to Marriott.. the umbrella I originally had would’ve probably flown out my hand or half of it would’ve come off the prongs by that time I reach the model call…

I get my phone back from the guy and I was so happy! I had to get his name and give him a hug!!! šŸ¤—šŸ¤—šŸ¤— He’s getting a Christmas present from me!! I couldn’t believe it… I GOT MY BABY BACK!!

I leave and go to Marriott to get something to eat and attempt to charge and reactive my Samsung note… charges a lil but but wouldn’t activate šŸ˜­šŸ˜­ I pay and leave and go to the casting call, keep meddling with the phone but nothing works (I’m about to be hurt all over again… ) I receive the information, go through the training, and walk out with another type of employment… God is good..

I make it home and ol’ boy is texting me saying how pretty I am and that we would like to take me out, brunch or dinner.

Y’all , the holy trinity!! My phone! A job! And POTENTIALLY an interest… šŸ˜©šŸ™„šŸ™„ but we’re friends… just friends… (I swear that damn Steve Harvey book be playing clips in my head or certain things I’ll think and ill hear it in his voice šŸ˜¶šŸ˜«šŸ˜«)

This entire post was to demonstrate the power of Prayer. Although the prayer I gave may not meet your standards, it meet mine… and literally despite the disrespectful ass weather, yesterday was a glorious day. Ask and you shall receive. Adore him. Respect the powers of the universe. Listen to God when he speaks… and he is very clear when he speaks…. (maybe my prayers were as strong as those winds šŸ¤”šŸ¤”šŸ¤”…)

I hope this may have helped you to get ya spirit right before bed or before this upcoming week… remember good people, CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL. Stay prayed up! Be blessed good people. I hope you enjoyed. šŸ˜Š …… and as always Like .. Follow. Comment. Subscribe.

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