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You Think This Sh*t Funny?

So I felt prompted to write this in response to the announcement of Jordan Peele’s Blockbuster hit movie “Get Out” being nominated for a Golden Globe as… a comedy.

A Comedy. A COMEDY YALL! Now… if you still haven’t seen the movie, without spoiling it I can ASSURE you, IT IS NOT A COMEDY. Some parts of the movie are funny… for example the bff to the main character, Rod Williams (played by comedian Lil Rel Howery) I believe was written in such a way to be a sense of comedic relief in an otherwise suspenseful/ horror movie. His part was small but still very significant (everyone needs a friend like Rod lol). Another entity of the movie I found comedic were the murmmers and mumbles made by the main character, Chris Washington (played by Daniel Kaluuya) to himself when encountered by suspicious and adverse situations. The small but weighted “What the fuck” we all find ourselves mumbling when we come across something truly unhinging. THOSE SMALL INSTANCES were funny. Funny as shit. But the movie was in no way a comedy… As a matter of fact, Jordan Peele, the writer & creator, actually said via twitter that “Get Out” was a documentary.


Now, would I go so far as to say its a documentary? Nah. (Not disputing the intentions of this man’s art) But is it an accurate depiction of how black people navigate through a white world? Yes. Affirmative. Yah. Si. We. Absolutely.

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If you missed the connection, its because, well, you’re not black. If you are not black, you will never be able to see the world how we see it. No matter how many black friends you have, how many black guys/girls you date, how much you love rap and hip-hop music, or how much of the culture you appropriate, you will never know the black perspective. Empathize or maybe understand but you will never truly know.

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Now, I’ll be the first to say that something fishy is going on with the decision makers in Hollywood (check out 2Centz: Life Imitates Art).. but this shit here? This shit is not funny. Whats so crazy, is that earlier today, I saw a post in which Gabriel Union spoke about the racial division in Hollywood… check it out here and I think what she said has an affect on how this nomination came to be…

You see, they think our lives, our struggles, our views… are funny. Not to be taken seriously. When infact, the system we live within was not built for black and brown folks to prosper… so when a brotha is making headway in a positive way, he’s usually limited in some way by, you guessed it, the white man. Not the white man who isn’t a bigot and genuinely loves black people and want to help poverty turn to prosperity. Not him. The white man I’m referring to is the one in the shadows… the one who knows that he is really inferior but will go to great lengths to maintain and acquire his power and authority… money usually being the motivator and these white men tend to have alot of it or alot of control over it (the top 1%).

Lemme fill yall in on something, racism isn’t funny. Light, cheeky, racists jokes are funny. But racism demonstrated from the person being oppressed in a less than entertaining manner, not funny. It would be TAKY AS HELL to laugh and liable to get beat tf up if the right people are in the room. Oh and don’t think its all just white people.. there’s black people letting this happen too. Black people too afraid to speak up about something they see that’s wrong because they are scared of what will happen to their reputation and career… and their pockets. I get that. But the way I see it, if your job compromises your principles, you need to quit. Easier said than done, of course. Of. Course. But I can’t even let myself get into situations that compromise my sanity, integrity, and my power as a black woman. I simply can’t. Some people can. And I feel sorry for them. And I think that in some ways, that’s what happened here. Because people really are stuck in “The sunken place”.

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To be honest, I hope ‘Get Out’ Wins. I hope its nominated for more awards and wins every award its nominated for. And when Jordan Peele gets up on that stage to accept said awards, I hope he gives the acceptance speech of the century. I hope that whatever he says, truly leaves everyone speechless and in shock & awe… and stuck to marinate on his words. Because they wrong for this. They know they wrong. And I hope that this comedic gesture blows up in all their faces. Because this world through the eyes of a black person, is everything BUT funny.

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I hope you all enjoyed this post and as always, Like. Follow. Comment. Subscribe.

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