London’s Times Weekly 6 (11/6)

Hey yall. I’m only a lil late today lol. I hope everyone had a good week. As for me, well… it was relatively ‘okay’ until yesterday at work. So that’s what this post is mostly going to be about. Sorry not sorry lol But I really need to get this off my chest.

So since I’ve been at my current job, my schedule has been changed without my knowledge, had sales taken away from me, had my hours cut for no reason, accused of ignoring managers, and chastised for doing the exact requirements of my job. I’m not satisfied because, to be honest, I hate working in retail; I hate direct customer service. More than 5 face-to-face interactions and I’m mentally drained. Seriously. So its safe to assume, I’ve been looking to switch gigs since I got hired. I really thought it would work out and be ok… I could get more hours, get more sales, move up into management (since I’ve been in management before) but apparently my manager had other plans 🙄🙄😑😑. Which is fine… But yesterday was a bad day. Started out good, ended bad. So lemme take you through it (note: there is alot of quoted conversation, with people and in my head, color coated) :

The night before I checked my schedule in my phone, 1pm to 6:30pm. Bet. Set my alarm. Wake up and get ready. My friend offers to give me a ride and we leave out early. Its 12:30pm, I’m 2mins away from work and feeling good because I’m thinking I’m 30mins early when I get a phone call from my job. They are asking where am I and if I’m on my way. I say “yes, I was scheduled at 1 right?” and the response I get is “no you were scheduled at 12. 12 to 7”. I don’t have a problem with an extra hr n a half. However, I DO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY SCHEDULE BEING CHANGED WITHOUT NOTIFICATION AGAIN! 😡😡😡. And its not even that I get pissed off being late. Its that I look like I’m incompetent. THATS what I have a problem with. Looking like idk wtf I’m doing when I am full aware of what I’m [supposed to be] doing.

Yall, I have tried different strategies to try to beat this issue of my schedule constantly being changed without my knowledge. My latest strategy was to look ahead in the computer before the schedule is printed out to get my schedule (because alot of the time my manager will build her schedule weeks out and then not post it until the last minute. I I don’t like living like that lol. IF YOU MAKE IT IN ADVANCED, I SHOULD KNOW IN ADVANCED. PERIOD.)

So back to the story, so before I get to work I’m already pissed! YOU DID THIS BULLSHIT AGAIN! And yes (I know it may not have been right but idc) I walk into work with an attitude.  I approached my manager and told her that I had a picture of the schedule and it said 1-630 and she says “Well that was in the computer. You need to be looking in the binder. That’s when its final” –BITCH HOW!? When my schedule is constantly being changed after its been put in the binder…Multiple times my schedule was changed after it was put in the binder. Whatever. 🙄 So I’m behind the register when I get this old ass lady and her ancient ass mother. She asks me whats the price of three sale items (all sale items are 25% off the ticket price). I tell her what the approximate price of each item is off the top of my head. She asks me to scan the items for an exact price and I tell her that the scanner is only going to tell me what the ticket says and it doesn’t include the additional 25% off. My approximations weren’t good enough for her and as I grab a calculator to give her exact dollars and cents, she walks off lol. I let it go. About 30 mins later she comes back to the register to purchase some items but tells my manager she doesn’t want that girl to ring her out so another associate does it. I was away but I saw it and go up by the register and the woman is mean mugging me and I laugh in her face and continue what I was doing. (Don’t judge me. I have to laugh at stuff like that. If she held her breath for literally 3 seconds she would’ve seen the calculator and gotten what she wanted… she was literally mad at me because she didn’t like the answers I gave her lol.) Some time passes. I get another lady at the register. She has a few items in her hand that she wants to order in different sizes and get shipped to her. Bet. No problem. She then asks about her coupons that she’d like to redeem. She has a $20 off $100 coupon and a $25 off anything coupon. Mind you, my manager already has told me not to give out coupons unless the customer asks and to not let them combine coupons. So I tell her she has these two coupons but can’t combine them. So she asks can she split up the purchase into 2 transactions to use both coupons. I didn’t want to do it but I said yes anyway and proceeded.

Sidebar: here’s how the checkout process goes: 1. ask the customer who helped them and put the sale under the associates name or ‘house account’. 2. ask the customer for their information (i.e. phone number, last name & zip code) to look them up in the loyalty program. 3. Verify the correct person in the system (I usually ask if they are still at their current street address “Are you still on Euclid Ave?”) Selecting the right person allows me to look up what coupons they have. I ASKED IF SHE LIVED ON HIGHLAND ROAD AND SHE SAID YES 4. Proceed to scan items to be purchased. When ordering something you open a different screen, 4.a. scan the item, select the size, verify size with Customer. 4.b. If its available to order, then their address pops up next; verify the billing/membership address we have on file or change address. 4.c. next the shipping address; verify the one we have on file or change it. 4.d. next, shipping method, then it returns to the regular checkout screen where all purchase items are listed.  There are a few more steps but these are the only steps pertinent  to the story. Continuing on…

I ring up one item for the woman. I apply one coupon. She pays. I bag it. Her second transaction is something like 3 dresses and a top. The dresses are ordered for her in different sizes. I verify the sizes and add the coupon. She slides her card to pay AND THEN ASKS IF I CAN CHANGE THE SHIPPING ADDRESS 🙄😤🤦‍♀️😡.

No bitch. You’ve already payed. The orders have already went through and when I asked you IN THE BEGINNING you said YOU LIVED WHERE YOU LIVED . So I recruit my manager to see if she can void the transaction and I do it over again. She tries but it is too late. Then this dumb braud has the nerve to ask, “Oh wait, could you add that other dress on and order it in a small? If its not too late?” BITCH! CLEARLY ITS TO LATE TO ADD ANYTHING!!!!! So I tell her, I can’t add it on because you’ve already paid but I can order it in a separate transaction. I proceed to order the last dress for her, change her shipping address, bag up her other items, give her the receipt, and send her on her way with “have a nice day”. I was so over it after this 🙄🤦‍♀️. I hadn’t been at work a whole 2 hours and I needed a break. So my manager approaches me and says “ok, what did we learn from that?” I reply “…that she needs to speak up before she slides her card” She says “no. that you need to verify the customer’s address”. I respond with “I did verify her address. when I first started.” She says “you clearly didn’t otherwise that wouldn’t have happened” I say “Yes I did. She waited until the last minute to want to change the address” She says, “hey you need to change your attitude. I’ve gotten 2 complaints on you from customers already” I say, “ok, that old lady and who else? [because I haven’t helped a customer shop all day]” she goes, “its in your face. The attitude is in your face. you need to fix it.” I say, “how do I have an attitude? That old lady was just mad at the answers she got about her sale items. you were right there and I grabbed a calculator and she walked away” she says “No I don’t remember that but either way its your attitude” So I walk away to go put something up before I go to the backroom to take a quick break, cool off, and gather my thoughts and say a quick prayer BUT BEFORE I CAN GET THERE, my manager abruptly tells me to go to the backroom and in a loud nasty tone “either fix your attitude or you can go home because I’m not going to tolerate you talking to me like that” and a few other things.

My immediate thoughts: you wanna fire me? send me home? do it. Don’t threaten me with a good time bitch. When she went on her manager rant I kept my mouth shut because I was already pissed off and liable to say some real disrespectful shit, like “bitch! I came back here to cool off! You and the rest of your fucking management team need to learn when to leave me tf alone” [thinking about how my coworker tried to check me the week before about a situation I was calm about after resolving it myself, and her assistant literally took a sale from me the day before]. She went back to the floor and I really contemplated grabbing my shit and going home. I really did… But I didn’t. I DID however, keep my mouth shut and not talk to anyone else for the rest of the day (I didn’t want anyone else to be able to say I had an attitude. How can I when I’m quietly doing my job?) I was scheduled until 7, We closed at 6, I left at 630. It was thunder-storming outside but you think I cared? I wanted to get the hell out of there asap and get my ass home since the incident with the lady and her 17-fucking orders to the wrong address.

Now maybe I could’ve fixed my attitude before I came in, but the shit was just frustrating… from the phone call before I even got to work. regardless of my attitude, here’s my beef: YOU👏NOT👏GONE👏TELL👏ME👏I’M👏NOT👏DOING👏MY👏JOB👏WHEN👏I👏KNOW👏THAT👏I👏AM👏. If I was new to working in retail, or new to working for this company (I worked for this company years ago when I lived in Cincy), or had anxiety talking to customers, or I didn’t understand the register system, OR SOMETHING OF THIS SORT, then telling me how to do my job would be acceptable in this case.. encouraged even. But I’m not new to this shit. I know how this goes. So don’t tell me I didn’t do something when I know I did; don’t tell me did do something when I know I didn’t. THAT’S when I get issues. I literally and seriously cannot take someone lying to me ABOUT ME. No matter who are. I’m not having it. To keep it all the way ‘1 hunnit’, I really be feeling like I get set up for failure up in there sometimes. Putting me in lose-lose situations or taking advantage of me trying to be nice and being flexible. I really don’t like that. Like that shit be ruining my whole day forreal.

So that’s pretty much it for that story. I was pissed the whole day and I left. I had an attitude when I walked in, put it in check, and got yelled at for doing my job. I went home and immediately looked for new job. And I applied to several today. I’m staying positive and hopeful. I still have my bday trip coming up and a few court dates to attend 🙄😒 By December-ish-com-January I plan to be in a better situation. THIS WEEK, I have court tomorrow for this weak ass eviction my stepmom (probably coerced by my dad) tryna put on me.. I’m praying it falls in my favor which it should because I have all the documentation proving I was moved out by the time I was told to by my stepmom and before they were able to file the eviction… And I have the signed and dated docs!! Screenshots too!! AND MY MAMA COMIN WITH ME because she was a witness to all of this and helped me move! And I think I’m gonna work on a few more writing pieces this week since I know I’ll have the time…

So I guess my parting words to you (and myself), be. cool. keep the faith and become great. That’s it for London’t Time’s Weekly. I hope you enjoyed lol 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️. Like. Comment. Subscribe. Follow. 🙂 Have a good week!

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