Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts of October

HAAYY! SO ITS THAT TIME OF THE MONTH AGAIN!!! AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!Β πŸ§›β€β™€οΈπŸ§Ÿβ€β™€οΈΒ I hope everyone has fun and is safe! My mom is coming over to pass out candy with me :). Buttum, Here’s you go! Its been a lil crazy this month… I lost my phone and got a better one so there’s a few things missing but not much. ahh well, enjoy my random thoughts of October!

“We the best thing never happened” -big sean
I can deal with 90% of f***** u* situations. But when someone lies to my face that’s when my blood begins to really boil.

PSA to men: if you at all make plans with a woman, it doesn’t matter if you get caught up with work, preoccupied with family, or just smoking your brains out, don’t ever tell a woman you “forgot” about her. Lie. Just lie.

I wish I could take my favorite parts of previous men I’ve been in a relationship or had relations with (not all ☝️) and go to “Build-A-Man R US” and just construct the perfect man…. My crazy ass still might not marry him tho πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

I’m real cognizant of who I send “good morning” texts to. I just wanted to say good morning. I didnt want to have a full conversation, I got shit to do.

Bri:This red bull is has so much wonder.
Bri:Lol like it’s full of Wonder
Me:-what!?!Β πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Β I’ve never heard it used like that-
Bri:Yea it’s wonderful lol
Me:-i know lol-

I hate being called back to back. Text me nigga or someone better be dead

You know, this whole missing natica shit low-key got me fucked up… i could’ve really been missing when I didn’t have my phone for 3 days and because of this braud no one would’ve reposted & looked for me…Β πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

I feel so… emotionally spent. I’ve tried so hard to love this man and let him love me….. and to no avail. I think….. I’m done. Im done looking, trying, and trying to be satisfying.

If I’m mean because I refuse to send you nudies, so be it.
If I’m mean because I respond to your novel-length text message with 1-3Β  words, so be it.
If I’m mean because I told you I don’t want to hear your mixtape right now but I give you my email address, so be it
If I’m mean because I don’t respond to you at all, so be it
If I’m mean because I refuse to jeopardize my peace and sanity for perceived shenanigans, so be it.
If I’m mean because I’m dry in my texts, so be it
If I’m mean because I don’t answer your calls but I will text you, so be it
If I’m mean because I become assertive when I want to get something accomplished, so be it
If I’m mean because I told you your shitty joke wasn’t funny, so be it.
If I’m mean because I told you I don’t have a man and still don’t want you to have my number, so be it
If I’m mean for telling you that I don’t like how you talk to me, so be it.

I think I get turned off when a guy tries to have sex with me on the first date, or first time coming to my house.
β€’ — but I think sometimes I give a dog a bone to get them out MY face; you got what you came for, what else do you want? LEAVE.

How do you tell me you want to be with me but you owe me 20$!? I don’t want a relationship, I want my money! and you’ve shown me you can’t be trusted right there! Bye foo ✌️

He got a woman and just don’t want to tell me. whomp. lol Just ignore me then! don’t lead me on!

Last and final comment to Cam.Β πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Well done my boy. Well done. You are the master of disguise and surprise. Got my ASS! once again! lol and for the final time. Thank you for the learning experience. More life to you.

I think I need to start back on my book about side chicks… My life sucks but It’d be a good book.

yo, my family really do not like me lol And I don’t do nothing lol I literally mind my own damn business and they hate me for it! oh well, Cali Here I come. The sooner the better.

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