London’s Times Weekly 5 (10/31)

Hey People! I’m late 🙄🤦‍♀️ But I’m Consistent!!🤷‍♀️ That was part of my goal! lol. Just stick with me yall lol. Anywho! It’s That time again! Its the end of the month and time for my recap of last week. After you finish with this, don’t forget to check out RTOOctober. So today is Halloween! And I do have pics from my Halloween trip to NY! I wanna address the missing chick situation a bit (I’ll go into more depth and expression in a later post), An Epiphany I had in NY, and a couple of recent life issues that will forecast my next few weeks 😒.

Sooo… I was off pretty much all last week and then went to NY on Friday. I took that off time to redo my hair (the original crochet braids I had in I wasn’t feelin so I redid them). It came out much better. I also took the time to make a dent in my laundry.. fun fact about me: I can go without doing laundry for like 3months. Not that I like to but… its a bit of a luxury I suppose. So friday we leave out at 7am thinking we were going to be able to get the rental car by 8, 830am… God had other plans. When we got to the Dollar Car rental location they said they didn’t take debit cards. Matter of fact, they did take debit cards with proof of a return flight. PIIIISSSSSID!!!😡😤😡😤 That’s all I and my friend Bri had! were debit cards!! There were other rental places in that particular location but NONE OF THEM TOOK DEBIT CARDS!!! I WAS HEATED!!!!

**I used to work for PNC Bank for years. Here’s what I don’t understand: if the funds have to be VERIFIED before they’re even processed with debit, and DOES NOT have to be VERIFIED using credit, HOW DO YOU NOT ACCEPT DEBIT CARDS!?! IF THE MONEY ISN’T THERE IS WON’T GO THROUGH!! I don’t fucking get it 😤🤦‍♀️ VH1  confused why unsure GIF Anyway… After alot of driving (within the city) and phone calls, We managed to be able to get a rental through Enterprise. It was so mentally and emotionally taxing AND WE HADN’T EVEN LEFT YET! After we got it, we stopped to get Bri’s bags and BOUNCED!🚗💨

We stayed at Econo Lodge in Jersey City. It was a cool lil hotel. Friday when we got in, we went to a nail salon (she got a pedicure, I got a pedi, full-set,and an eyebrow wax because I was really lookin like an ANIMAL HUNNY!) Friday night we went to a strip club lol Bri had us walkin into random rooms that looked like orgies but were really topless rooms lol. We were shook when we first walked in!! 😨😲😂😂😂. We had a good time in there and went back to Jersey. Saturday, we went around Times Square and did the tourist thing (Bri’s never been and was dying to get a picture in front of Times Square lol). We got some food, wondered around, went shopping a lil bit, then we headed back to jersey to get dressed for a Halloween Party I bought tickets to for Saturday Night in Brooklyn. I was a Lion 🦁 and Bri was Rosie Rivet 💪. So…. I’ll admit, I chose to be a Lion because it was the sexier costume and I was planning on seeing Slime-ball Cam and getting some ass (yes the same Cam mentioned in previous RTO’s. I got everything oiled, filed, trimmed, waxed, and scrubbed for this raggedy mutherfucker). Of course, no answer. I’m only salty about this because he pump-faked like he wanted to see me lol he knew I was coming to NY before the hotel was booked and was talkin that “I can’t wait to see you” crap. lol Even with only wanting to fuck him, I still fell for it 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.

HULU tv comedy hulu stupid GIF

He a slime-ball and did what slime-balls do. I shouldn’t be surprised lol yet I still was lol. Oh well at this point (NY Epiphany coming up). Bri and I ended up hangin out with some Haitians we met at the club afterward. They were so fried but we had a good time lol.

Sunday we were going to attempt a day party but it was ikky outside and we didn’t get back to the room until like 5am. Possibly meet back up with her cousin for Sunday dinner type deal? Nope. Or possibly link up with Cam & his friend? HAH! None of thee above. We checked out the hotel at 1230pm and hit the road by 130p. The drive back was just… UGH!! We were pretty much driving through a storm until about 6ish when we were close to cleveland. All in all, I had fun. And as for that Epiphany: FOR WHATEVER REASON, THIS GUY WHO DOESN’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT YOU, HAS A HOLD ON YOU. GIRL!!!! HE DON’T EVEN CARE TO SEE YOU!!! EVEN ___________ WAS WILLING TO DRIVE TO JERSEY TO SEE YOU WHILE YOU WERE IN TOWN! EVEN HIM!!! ITS TIME TO LET THAT ONE GO BOO. YOU GOTTA CARE ABOUT YOURSELF MORE THAN THAT. 

So I am. Did I spazz a lil on Social Media? mmm yea a lil bit. But I needed to do that. I needed to express myself.. because I know he’ll see it. Or his friend will see it and tell him about it. Even if he doesn’t. I am actually happier to be able to confirm that it was all make-believe lol. Like I had hope! lol I really did lol (I just wanna be loved yall lol). But like i said before, OH well lol. I’ll be over it soon. MOVING ON! (literally and figuratively)

So Last week, I mentioned something about the Natica Harris Girl (@so.blessd on IG) going “missing” in DC. Yall I don’t know the real story  and I stopped following it after while. I honestly really hope the girl didn’t get raped or kidnapped or anything close to that… It was speculated that she bounced out her hotel to pull up on her Ex who lived in Virginia. I guess the guy treated her like shit and wasn’t sponsoring her way home or something and so she went to Howard’s Campus looking for her sister who goes there and that’s how she was found. Regardless of what really happened, I’m sure it was a crazy and upsetting ordeal. But I do wish she’d say something. Just tell the truth girl. Cleveland can accept a Girl who did something stupid and accidentally got everyone into a frenzy all over some dick (or a dude). We can accept that. Cleveland cannot accept an open scammer. You gotta return any funds you or your family received and issue an apology lol. Tell the truth, ask for privacy, and get ya life together girl. Those would be my words of wisdom. They even came up with a #Challenge for it girl, the #48HrMissingChallenge (Btw I hate the internet. They always win). Take the L and move on… and find another career path because I don’t think you’ll be booking hosting gigs like you used to — From an Business/PR perspective: She would be a liability regardless of the ordeal she went through. If she was raped or something like that, she’d be a liability because she 1) don’t know how to protect herself and 2)could hold the club or promoters responsible for her safety. If she didn’t get sexually assaulted, she would still be considered a liability because she’s seen as a scammer. No one is going to willingly pay money to see a scammer so the club and promoters would lose more money than it costs to book her.

We BOTH need to move on girl 😒

Lastly, I wouldn’t be me if i didn’t have drama at work or with my family…. So My stepmother I believe is evicting me after I’ve already moved out of the apartment. I moved out September 28th. The eviction was not filed until October 4th. There was never any agreement that If I had to suddenly move out I would owe anything. As a matter of fact, She said that as a cosigner and the property manager, it would be easier to move me out and re-rent the apartment if I couldn’t pay for whatever reason. That was literally one of the reason’s I decided to go for it when I really didn’t want to move into an apartment I knew I couldn’t afford!!! 🙄😑 So you want to evict me after I have already moved out… WTF man. Even if I win this case (which I should), it’ll still come up on my record that I’d been to eviction court and It’s going to make it hard for me to get another apartment if I decide to move again. If that wasn’t bad enough, I told yall about my relative acting crazy about some money from the IRs or some bullshit right? Well… same person refuses to tell Child care services that I contribute to the household my son lives in… yep! that’s right. Child support coming for my ass. Luckily It’s not alot that I owe in back support but I’m definitely pissed about it. Because Now I’m feeling like, why should I struggle and try to contribute when you not gone give me credit for it? I’m not about to go out my way to struggle for this shit anymore. Let them take what they’re going to take for child support but I’m not doing anything extra. THE BRAUD HAS MORE MONEY COMING INTO HER HOUSEHOLD THAN I DO! What really got me bent out of shape, is that when we originally agreed that my son would live with her, we discussed child support but not ME paying it! ONLY his dad paying child support! Otherwise, Why would I have agreed to grant guardianship IF I KNEW it wouldn’t be helping me financially? the whole idea was that she’d be given guardianship to help me take care of him while I get through college and get my life together? and I been breakin her ass off a nice chunk of change every year when I file my taxes! THE FUCKING GAUL!!! IT is what it is  🤷‍♀️😡. My family don’t like me. Just my mama. She about the only one I’m like too and she get on my nerves lol.

Anywho, I hope this was too long awaited lol. I’ma get better yall. I will lol. But This has been London’s Times Weekly. I hope everyone had a great week last week and enjoyed the weekend more than I did (I had fun tho lol) and you kick THIS week’s ass. Don’t forget to Like, Comment, Subscribe, Follow. Enjoy 🙂 And Check out RTOOctober Next! and my slideshow of my trip! lol

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