London’s Times Weekly 3 (10/6)

Hey good people! Happy Friday!

I’m on time this week lol. Not too much has changed in the last week but my stress level (less stress). Yall know I’m rockin with the motto “Control What You Can Control”. I’ve been talkin about it and talkin about it and encouraging it and pushing it and talkin about it su’more. And yet again, it has not failed me. I worked a few days this week in between trying to construct this apartment (that’s been the real draining aspect of my week… just finding a home for everything and putting up storage racks n shit), and I finished a poem I  was writing about 2 weeks ago when I was still going through my whole moving situation. Its Called “Family”. Check it out here. I finished it earlier today after an enlightening phone conversation I had with the owner of IAM216RAdio which did not end well but went exactly how I knew it would. With me annoyed and nothing accomplished. Needless to say, that short period of doing radio at that station has ended. Personally, I think it was good timing. I have bigger and better things lined up for me to do (So stay tuned 😉) and to be honest, it was more stressful than it should have been… I think possibly because I am a woman who voices her opinion and doesn’t tolerate disrespect. And there was alot of it. ALOT. I even brought a friend in the studio to see the nonsense just to verify that I’m not crazy or overreacting. The gag is, my friend who witnessed the BS actually said I was UNDER-reacting. Which is a fact. I kept my composure and went out of my way to avoid unnecessary confrontation. At one point (the point I was at just before that last phone call), I wasn’t saying anything to anyone… like I responded when prompted, answered questions when asked, showed up to do the show, then went on about my business. It was just a very uncomfortable position to be in but I decided to push through it because I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I saw better things to come with having a radio platform. Those things are still in my sights.. without the radio platform and without the drama.

Who mad? Not I (said the cat).

Also, my co-worker and I are planning a trip to NY for Halloween. She’s never been and I have a few friends near the city so I’ma show her a good time and we gone TURN UUUPPP! lol I just need to nail down my Halloween costume ideas. I’m thinking the mad hatter? the Cheshire cat? A girl from the Purge? a Dead Bride? or a sexy vampire? Idk. they’re all contenders lol. The Vampire is kinda a last minute quickie constume lol. I’d literally just need some fangs and I’d be good. But I kinda want to go all out on a costume lol. I never do stuff like this lol. HEY If you’re in NY Oct 27th thru the 29th Let me know!! Let me know what’s going on in your area (Brooklyn, harlem, bronx, queens, etc.!)

Anywho, that’s all I got for my weekly update this week. Maybe something will happen between now and Monday in which case I will definitely update you guys. But I am at peace and I am content.

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