Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts of September

I’m a lil tardy but I been crazy busy at work and moving into a new apartment.. and just tryna get my life in order. I’m a day late and a dollar short 🤦‍♀️ lol no but seriously, HERE WE ARE AGAAAIIINN!!! Its the beginning of the month so here’s the recap of my random thoughts from last month! Enjoy 🙂

I hate you niggas that be like “I want a girl that stay home and don’t go out…” bitch shut the fuck up. Here I am and where you at? At the muthafuckin club.

Consistency matters ☝️.

I feel like God replaces the snakes in the grass after you’ve done all you can to rid your yard of them

I’m on an American airlines flight and the safety video comes on. It says “…for an Infant,  life vests will be distributed by the flight attendant. ..” my immediate thought was- in that type of situation, a)who would be waiting around for an infant life vest? [C’mon baby i gotcha, jumps] and b)what flight attendant is going to be of sound mind to ask “who has an infant, wait while I get the vests to pass out to you”.. foh

I keep hearing “you are the nicest meanest person I know” maybe those people are on to something lol

I want a small medallion tattoo on my inner forearm of palm trees, the beach & sunset so i can look at it and always “be in Cali”

If you have 2 phones, I can’t date you. From my experience,  guys with 2 or more phones suck at least 2x more at communicating. ✌️📱📱🙅🙅🙅

L.A. EPIPHANY:  seriously be weary of men with 2 or more phones

L.A. EPIPHANY: Be cognizant of what men you let in your space and for how long.. if he can’t stay in contact with you, he can’t have physical contact with you/ if he don’t open doors, he doesn’t get to score/ if he doesn’t answer the phone, no attention will be shown/ if he doesn’t treat you like gold, treat him like mold (get away) / if he doesn’t protect you, he doesn’t respect you, and will neglect you.

Only give time and attention to men who treat you like that 126$ ice cream cone, dripped in gold & diamonds in London. (its a real thing. look it up)

Is it rude to read what someone next to you is reading (guy reading the paper and I’m reading the headlines on the backside) .. I mean I’m not looking over his shoulder lol

“Certainty is the enemy to growth” Marc Manson, the art of not giving a fuck

What is the limit on playing devils advocate? Because after a certain point, you don’t make sense.

I get annoyed when people over-explain stuff to me. It makes me think you think I’m an idiot. Like if I say something to the effect of “ok”, and don’t ask follow up questions, that means I understand so let’s move on. I don’t need additional facts unless I ask for them.

Putting my phone on a Timed Do Not Disturb setting was one of my most brilliant ideas.💡😁

I can not wait for the day that I take one collective SHIT on everyone who shat on me or thought they shat on me

“How we still slaves in 2016”-Jay-Z

Past a certain age or just a certain point in ones life, you have to know that being an asshole all the time to everyone is not cool… like, WHO HURT YOU? Go see a therapists because there’s no reason for this.

…Pettiness don’t have an age limit tho.

Why would you be ok with airing your BM dirty laundry on a media platform? (Tv show, IG post, radio show, music released, etc) you are doing 3 things: 1) embarrassing yourself and your family 2) exposing yourself for no reason and 3) ultimately blocking your business and blessings… that ain’t meant for the world to know. Have some cooth.

Ray Lewis is still a nigga in a coop🐔

Any nigga that leaves a woman at a restaurant is a pussy. Simple as that. That’s female shit. 🙄🤷‍♀️

I’m so tired of niggas calling me mean when I haven’t even given them a taste of what mean really looks like. Being dry and straightforward is not mean. Grow some balls and stop being so sensitive. Pussy.

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