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London’s Times Weekly 2 (10/1)

Hey guys! So I know its been a little over a week since I last posted but this week has been craaaazy busy and eventful. So THIS WEEK, in The Story of My Life, I got left at a restaurant, moved into a new apartment, dealt with shenanigans at work, and was introduced to MORE hot garbage involving my family. So lemme start with the restaurant incident 🙄.

So I made the fatal mistake of responding to someone part of the Don’t Answer group in my phone. I strategically change names in my phone to “don’t answer” to remind myself not to answer when certain numbers contact me… for a plethora of reasons. This particular person, I don’t remember the incident that landed him on the list but that’s really irrelevant. I should’ve just followed my rule and not answered. I met this asshole on the set of a movie I was an extra in (he was an extra too, nobody special). So he hits me up wanting to hang out and get dinner. I hadn’t eaten all day so I accepted and we made plans for 8pm. He picks me up and he asks where I want to go to eat. I said Ruth Chris. I’d never been before and heard good things about the food (Its good but kinda overrated. I still like Blue Point and Cleveland Chop better). So we go and order our food. Its late and there aren’t alot of people in the restaurant. As we’re talking, he asks me about some weed, “hey do you know anyone around here I can buy from?” …And so it begins… I told him yea. One of my friends lives a few blocks over from where we were downtown and he has the best tree I’ve found in Cleveland, I just don’t get a chance to cop from him alot. I hit him up, ask for a qtr and he tells me $80.  I tell the guy I’m with. He asks about a deal the guy used to give me (an 8th for $35) and asks if he’s still doing that. The dealer says he can’t do that deal anymore because he’s dealing with a new plug. I understand; he still has to be able to make a profit. I totally get it. But he said he could do a qtr for $70. $80 was a deal in my opinion (I expect to pay $100 for a qtr) so of course $70 was even better. I told the guy with me that he could get a qtr for $70.

Him: “nah I’m not payin that. I don’t know that guy”

Me: “what? what are you talking about?”

Him: “I don’t know him. Why would I pay that?”

[I’m Piiiiiiisssed.] Me: “yo, don’t ever ask me about weed ever again in your life”

Him: “what?”

Me: “I said don’t ever ask me about weed ever again in your life. why would you ask me to find it and then its a problem because you don’t know the guy? that’s fucking stupid”

Him: “yo, you are crazy”

Me: “No I’m not. You’re stupid. THIS is stupid. Why would you even fucking ask?”

[looks at me sideways] Him: “man, I gotta go to the bathroom”

So he gets up and finds the waiter then disappears behind a wall I presume leads to the bathroom. I’m sitting waiting at the table for 6mins then begin to think “holup, it does not take this long for a nigga to use the bathroom. Something is up”. YoungerTV tv land tvland younger unsure GIF

And at this point I’m literally the only person sitting in the restaurant because they’re closing. I get up and begin walking to the doorway that leads outside because I’m feeling like this nigga left me and before I could even get to the outside door I get a text 🙄😑. “You need some manners. I paid for you a cab” I’m like what.. thee entire fuck. I walk outside to see if valet pulled his car around.. valet den packed up and went home. Not a cone in sight. And ain’t no cab out there either. I am in complete disbelief.. this my life tho so I couldn’t help but start laughing. I replied with “I need to learn manners but you just fucking left me? You fuckin kidding me right now? You a bitch…” Of course had a few more words via text (yall know I was not about to just let that slide without breakin this nigga off the meanest read of his life). Luckily for me, I had been texting a friend who worked downtown 2 blocks over from where I was. I told him what happened and he picked me up and took me home. I literally could not stop laughing because I was shocked and pissed off. I’m laughing now as I’m writing about it… This my life yall. This would literally only happen to me. I still don’t know what exactly I said to set him off… maybe his mama used to call him stupid and it struck a nerve.. Idk and idc. I just laugh. I’m just grateful to God for the entire situation… I can’t help but be grateful and laugh about it🤦‍♀️😂😩😂🤦‍♀️.

 laughing crying upset kristen bell GIF

Moving on.. So in light of my stepmom/landlord/cosigner acting like an asshole (not the entire time but definitely my last few days in the apartment), I got approved for the apartment that I wanted BACK ON THE WEST SIDE!  chris brown westside west side GIF

Lemme just say this, I never wanted to move to the east side or move into that apartment and I had been looking to move for a while I just didn’t have the means. Well the means came along with my mama and we packed up my apartment, rented a u-haul, and moved everything into my new place. It was an all day job and good quality time with my mom but it literally wore both of us out. This happened Thursday, it is now Sunday and my body still hasn’t recuperated (mostly due to having to work Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and today and not getting more than 3-hrs of sleep and only one meal a day for the past week & a half. I know its not healthy but I just haven’t had an appetite and I’ve been running on fumes.) I met my neighbors, one of which helped us move my 2 big-ass couches into my second floor apartment. I managed to unpack my bathroom, most of my kitchen, and some of my living room all the way up until my body said “bitch LAY DOWN” and I collapsed on my couch.

 cat animal kitten drunk tired GIF kanye west parks and rec education teaching everything hurts and im dying GIF

Needless to say, I was late for work the next day 😞😞😞. But I’m happy to be back on the west side.. away from people that don’t have good intentions for me. See, the last time I lived on the west side, I found out who really fucked with me and who didn’t. I live 5 mins from downtown and niggas always goin downtown but can’t come to my house. COO! ✌️ My location is a very good deterrent for ain’t shit niggas and ain’t shit friends. I. Am. Content. NEXT!

As far as work, its been lovely getting more hours and making more money BUT… I work with some older women and a few of them have been ON ONE lol. Like actin so petty. Like 5 year olds. Like Its kinda funny and kinda sad.

 reactions old dance moms abby lee miller too old GIF

Last week I accidentally walked in on one of them in the backroom balling her eyes out having a whole ass episode. I just popped back there to catch my breath because I was feeling so sick that day but I couldn’t let this ride. I talked to her and gave her some encouraging words and laid the motto on her: “Control what you can control. Forget about the rest”. After I left work, she texted me and told me that my words helped her so much she got a $1600 sale! That’s about $160 in her pocket! I didn’t even know I had affected her that much. I just wanted her to calm down lol. Despite their ol’lady shenanigans and the crazy clients we have that come in, I thoroughly enjoy working there. Its physically taxing some times but you can’t beat a great work environment.

Lastly, my family. You know, I have always has issues with my family. Since I was a kid. And as an adult I understand things now that I didn’t understand then. And I see my relatives in a new light. At the end of the day, outside my mama, they are really not here for me. My mom has been in and out of my life and I was raised by my dad. But I learned so much more from my mom than my dad, things I carry with me to this day. My mom, not having alot of money, still manages to help me where she can. I can ask my mom for $50 to help me with a phone bill and she’ll give it to me. If I ask my dad for that same $50, he will tell me “no, I guess you don’t need a phone If you can’t pay the bill” and go on about his day…. I didn’t really want to harp on my relationship with my dad so much in this post because he’s fucked up, been fucked up, and I can’t/won’t fix that. What got me feeling a way is some info my mom gave me about another one of my family members who is going to try to get me thrown in a federal jail. FEDERAL YALL. FE-DER-AL.

 television racism long post 2k jessica williams GIF

All over money that I don’t have nor do I own. The whole situation can be cleared up with a few simple phone calls. A call to me to clear it up. Even if this family member doesn’t believe what I tell her, she can make another call to the federal agency and they will verify what I tell her. I don’t have the money. I never had the money. Why even go that route tho? I don’t understand it. And people always look at me sideways when I say “I’m moving to California and I’m not coming back”. This is why! One big fat reason why! I don’t want to be anywhere near people who don’t want me to be anywhere near them. And I always feel so alive and happy and peaceful when I’m in California. Its my legit happy place. (moving to the west side of Cleveland makes me feel like I’m inching closer and closer to the west coast lol)

 dancing tupac thug gangster tupac shakur GIF

This past week has been EXHAUSTING to say the least. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and a lil spiritually. I’m looking forward to having a few days off this upcoming week to sleep, explore my new neighborhood, and put my apartment together more… and find a tree man around here lol. Very necessary. So with everything being said, I want you to take this with you because its helped me time and time again; Control what you can control. Leave the rest of it up to God (or whom ever you believe in). I think I may have said this last week But I can’t say it enough. You will be much happier and stress-free as well as better equipped to handle stress when it comes your way. And even though it may seem hard, take the high road. Just do it. I promise you will blessed ABUNDATLY, beyond your wildest dreams, I mean things you didn’t even fathom were possible. Trust me.

 fashion black girls black girl blackbirdsblackgirlmagic black girl magic GIF

I hope you guys had a great week or Will have a great week (just depends on if Sunday marks the beginning or the end for you). Be blessed. Like. Comment. Follow. Subscribe.


And Tune into “THE CHOP SHOP” tonight at 7pm on and listen to me and my co-host Bishop King (@IAmBishopKingDC on IG) and a speacial interview with a guest, Bigg Greeen (@BiggGreeen on IG).

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