London’s Times Weekly 1 (9/22)

Hey guys! I know I be slackin on my pimpin so I’m going to do weekly posts (to force myself to be consistent). Its Friday, September 22nd. I probably should’ve written this earlier in the week but I was tired af.. and we here now lol.

So last week… whew πŸ™ŽπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈΒ .. last week was a monster. I worked 4 days, was in Cali for 2 and was literally traveling for 1. I wasn’t really traveling for one whole day but the amount of time I was traveling equaled out to one day 😞. So you know a bih was TTIIIIIEEDDD. I didn’t even get the chance to do my maintenance routines.. my facial scrub, clay face mask, hair mask, shave my damn legs… I didn’t get to do any of it.. and it literally drove me crazy… among other thingsΒ πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„.

What other things? THESE other things:

–some people at the radio station have a problem with me. Why? I literally had no idea… but out of the blue I was being called “rude and disrespectful” by people I’ve never even had a conversation with and this comes after my trying to bring everyone together and establish some order.Β  bitch full house michelle adult humor bitch what GIFas well as.. I WAS DISRESPECTED by the owner… I don’t care what kind of business you run.. if its not a brothel, you don’t start off a conversation with “watch yo mouth…”. And instead of literally ripping this nigga the realest read of his life, I dished out a pinch of side shade.. eventually I thought about it and decided to apologize (crazy right?, I know I know… there’s a reason why I actually apologized because I would ordinarily say my piece and go about my marry way regardless of how you feel, BUT not here). The apology went as follows:

I would like to take this time to apologize to you for letting what you said get me out of character. That conversation should not have happened. However, I do not appreciate nor will I tolerate being told to “watch my mouth” in any circumstance from another adult. I hope that we can come to an understanding and that you enjoy the rest of your day

***It is very possible I may be chastised for no reason about this but, I really don’t care. We here now.***

I felt this was an adequate, professional, concise, and respectful apology. I did this as a way to preserve the relationship with my co-host as well as HIS brand (The Chop Shop).. but to my dismay, it was good enough for the owner to accept but not good enough for my co-host  disney what confused huh GIFΒ I know it doesn’t little bear, I know it doesn’t. But we had a conversation, and I have an understanding (I can’t speak for no one else but me) and I know my role. Mind my business and do what I can to build for myself (and my show). There’s definitely more to the story and I’m willing to answer questions but I’ma refrain from including certain details in this post.

–Another nuisance last week, men. or Boys I should say. Fucking boys. fucking niggas.Β πŸ˜‘. as you can probably tell, these niggas got me fucked up. So lemme start here… yall already know, my background is in Communication. I paid tens of thousands of dollars to be certified in communication as well as public relations. So effective communication is essential to me. It a very basic skill that can keep everything in your life in order and stress-free. Now, when I was in LA, I had 2 epiphanies; one more serious than the other but both relevant.

Epiphany 1: Do not fuck with men with 2 or more phones because they will be twice the shitty communicator.

Epiphany 2: Be cognizant of what men you let into your space and for how long.

I had the exact same situation happen to me Twice within a 24hr period, regarding 2 different men and 2 different circumstances. But in both cases, they were expecting me, and when I arrived they did not answer the phone (after being called more than 8 times and 12 times respectively, between 2 different numbers.. yes both men had 2 numbers and I had both of them.) Like, MUTHAFUCKA! YOU KNEW I WAS COMING! WHY WOULDN’T YOU ANSWER!? (I’m beginning to think that niggas like seeing me fly into a rage.. and I don’t even like going there) One guy did this to me as soon as I arrived in LA at the hotel. Foo! I don’t know where I’m going… so after call #3, I hit up one of my homies in LA and gave him a heads-up that I would be crashing at his place because I was low-key stranded at this hotel. I know you’re probably thinking like “is that the other person that didn’t answer when you were supposed to meet with them?”, “wouldn’t that put you in a similar situation?” and the answer to both of those is No. This homie is a very good friend and he’s the most reliable person I have ever met in my life (the amount of times this man has come through for me and saved my life, we owns my soul lol) and we’ve been friends for over 20 years. Eventually I made it into the hotel but I definitely let the guy know my blood was boiling and he was in the Dog house. The second scenario didn’t have that resolution but one I am more than satisfied with. It resulted in my blocking all communication with him and then going shopping in Beverly hills lol.

Nonetheless, these are the 2 conclusions I came to while out in LA. Further more, I told myself, if he doesn’t open doors, he shall not score. I can’t take you serious if you’re not going to be a gentleman and treat me like you want me to be your lady forreal starting with basic chivalrous gestures.

–Lastly, my living situation has had me kinda stressed too. My stepmother is my landlord AND my cosigner for my apartment (because that doesn’t seem like a conflict of interest… but I digress). I had some financial troubles and I am grateful that she allowed me to pay when I could but this situation was set up to go south from the beginning… and I knew that when it was presented to me in January.

VH1  eye roll basketball wives bbwla GIF

The issue is, she keeps threatening to evict me and put my stuff out but I haven’t received an eviction notice… and when I have mentioned it to her like “can you really put my things out without providing me with an eviction notice?” she gets pissy. I understand that it puts her in a tough position with her employer but I didn’t ask for this, I didn’t want this to begin with. It would’ve made more sense to me to just help me financially with another apartment than to put herself into a compromising position. I mentioned that I spoke with a lawyer about the situation and that as a cosigner, she doesn’t have any rights just liability. She didn’t like that I’d spoken with a lawyer… but I had to. I’ve never been in this situation before. I’ve never had (or needed) a cosigner for an apartment. I’ve never had to go through an eviction process (I’ve never even been threatened with eviction before). I’ve never had my living situation tied up in family business. This is all foreign to me so am I wrong for not taking her word for it and doing my own research? I don’t think so. Especially when I feel like my dad (who doesn’t like me), is the one provoking her and pushing her to evict me. So of course I want to know my rights. Ohio tenant-landlord law specifically states that you cannot be forced out of a residence without having gone through an eviction process initiated by the landlord. It says exactly that. So… I’ve just been waiting for that notice to pop up on my door or in my mailbox… I’m honestly trying to get out of this apartment asap. I don’t care for the location, the rent is the highest I’ve ever had to pay since I started living on my own in 2011 (6 years my nigga. 6 years I’ve lived on my own and been responsible for my own rent n shit and have ran into the craziest of landlords and never these type of problems. I have sued landlords and threatened to sue, and have won. every single time. I know my rights as a tenant. period.), I’m always running into people I don’t want to see, and everything is far from me. I didn’t want to move here. I haven’t liked living here. Its about that timeΒ πŸ•πŸ•‘πŸ•’πŸ•“πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ. I’m waiting to hear back from a property I want to move to, and hoping to move next week. That is the plan…

So with all that being said, Last week was nerve-racking. I was finally able to pamper myself. I have a different outlook on men. And I’m building for myself for the Radio show. THIS WEEK, has been kinda skressful as well (which I’ll report) but not as nerve-racking.. because I have beenΒ  reclaim maxine waters reclaiming my time reclaiming GIFand only worrying about what I can control. Control what you can control and leave the rest to God. You will become alot happier if you follow this too regardless of what brings you stress.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment, like, share, subscribe!

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