Random Thoughts of August

You know what I can’t stand? People who LOUDLY carry on a conversation on the phone while on the train 🙄🙄🙄STFU AND TEXT! I DON’T HAVE 2 FUCKS IN A BUCKET TO GIVE about  you traveling across town to get your hair braided, how you just left moo moo house because they was tripping, or why you “was finna beat that bitch up”. IDC! Keep it to yourself!

If you tell your parents that you have to turn yourself in and go to jail and ask them to put up money to bail you out so that you can get out and return to work, and they respond with “I don’t know what to tell you”, what does that really tell You??😔😔😔

I feel like a literal rag doll… being tossed around and pulled apart by people and things that just don’t care.

I really get treated like shit. And it’s not that I want to or I let it happen, it just does. I can’t control other people.

I wish my dad saw in me what everyone else sees.

I feel like this is a fucked up thought but……… I really want to talk to Cam. I don’t really want to talk I just want to say hi… and I guess hear his voice .😔😩🙄

It really irks my nerves when people walk their dogs on the inside of the sidewalk. Tree Lawn. TREE LAWN!

Sex game nice but somehow I’m still single af.. I bet if my box or head wasn’t 🔥 or I was ugly, niggas would be more interested in my personality or my brain 🤔🤔😐😑😑

How can you say such a heavy statement as “you have a drug&alcohol problem and you’re in denial” to someone you barely know or spend time with?

I wish I had someone I trust that I could call at any hour of the day and just vent and talk shit to; like, “listen to this silly shit…” I have friends like this I just can’t call at any hour.

UUUUGGGGHHHHHH!! I really miss that fucker Cam. He was the first person I’d met in a very very very very vey very long time that was my age AND on my same intellectual level…😩😥. Dammit Cam😔😔 I hate talking to all these niggas.. niggas I know and niggas I don’t know the like..

“Niggas is … niggas. They either good or they not. But they all not good.” Lol

Don’t nobody care abt me and I care for the people

I gave in. I talked to Cam… and it made me happy ☺️

I think My regular walk Is like a sim

My mama really goes hard for me. It took me to become an adult and for all other family to forsake me for me to realize this.

Another note about my mama, she was in and out my life growing up, but she taught me more than my dad who I lived with until i left for college. Crazy.

Are we still friends if you move away and then come back to visit… visit everyone but me? I need to know for a friend.

I seriously hate when my phone goes off rapid fire… like text, after text, after text, after phone call, after IG DM, after text, after text, after email, after text, after text…. *throws phone* WILL YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!?

I have a pen-pal in jail.. in North Carolina… who I’ve never met… but he’s fuggin awesome lol.

🙏 Prayers for Texas 🙏


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