Mic Check, 1, 2…

 mic bill check rocks hicks GIF

Hey Good People!

So maybe I don’t necessarily have the face for radio (maybe more so when I’m fresh from my slumber) but apparently I have the personality for it. Now, I’ve been wanting to start a podcast of some sorts and I know that I can just do it, but personally, I don’t think I’d have a good vibe if I did it solo, almost as a monologue. I could but I just don’t feel it.

Enter in, @DjChucktheWorld. This gent, after commenting on an interesting social media encounter I had with a DJ in NY, mentioned that he was looking for co-hosts for his station, IAm216Radio. Of course I’ma do it. This situation had to be sent from God. I’m grateful. I met up with my would be co-host Bishop (@iambishopkingdc) and we had a great time talking about life and expectations for the show and its direction. Bishop has already been broadcasting with IAm216Radio on his own show ‘The Chop Shop’ that aired Thursdays and has had 2 other radio shows previously. –is it safe to say, he has experience?– He’s also an underground artists and likes to talk music and bring other underground artists on the show.

I’m excited. I hope yall are too! and if you’re not, well piss off lol jk.  ‘The Chop Shop’ has moved to Sundays @ 7pm and added MEE!! 😁😁😁😁 So TUNE IN!! Listen and join the conversation on Mixlr (there’s an app for that). I’ll see yall at 7!



Check out Iam216Radio on Instragam, Twitter, Facebook, and of course on Mixlr!


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