Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts of July

Since its August 1st, you know what that means! AND ANOTHER ONE *DJ Khaled Voice* YAP! Another Record of my Random Thoughts for the month of July. When I re-read it, I realized that I look hella lonely 😂. Let the Record reflect that I actually didn’t feel as lonely and sad as it may seem. Although I did have a lot of “WTF BRUH” Moments this past month. Anywho, Enjoy 🙃

Oohh how easy it is to spoil a diet and sabotage success 😩

I’m always hearing these stories of guys planning these events for girls that’s treating them like shit. But I cant get a nigga to plan to call me back 🙄😩

“It’s a sign of weakness to portray your publicly stated principles” – Sonya Stevens, Wentworth

I just need attention from one person. One person I’d want to give my attention too. WHERE TF ARE YOU!? 😩

Watch out for me, I’m about to glow

There should be an app called “Rainy Ride” or something for the days that people that can’t drive in the rain (or don’t drive at all) where they either charge 25% of what a lyft or uber costs or for free.

People who drive are so inconsiderate of people who don’t.

I hate when people say “you can eat what you want so long as you workout”  😑my body not set up like that. I have to eat healthy if I WANT results  (and I must say, I am happier with them).

“You know how you see some people, and you can see the hurt and pain in their eyes no matter how much they try to mask it? I see that in you.” -Brandy (manager)

Why do people think I’m rich?😓  I could be type-casted.

“I have a master’s in experience and a PHD in failure”- Chris

When I do 2 or more things in a day on top of working, I always feel so accomplished 😩😂

If you’ve never met me before, don’t talk to me like you know me. Because I will curse at you.

Call me what you want but I don’t like for people to come to my house empty-handed (bring me some food, can you grab me a rello, gimme some money for my nails, etc.)

“You’re always taller in the morning”- CJ (Damon’s Friend)

Don’t text me asking me to go on your IG and like pics. 9/10 times I Already have and you are surpassing the point of losing cool points and headed towards me blocking you. (Because you are exhibiting the classic notion of being worried about the wrong shit)

I really want to see Ralphy May live. He’s so fucking funny and… HE’S WOKE

Either my phone selectively delays messages or 90% of people I text just don’t want to text me back 😞😒

Dear Lord, please bless me and put me out in the desert with the mountains by the ocean, because you know Lord, this humidity be messin with my temper… lord help me

I’m clearly the first lady of UglyGang. I can’t get a nigga to keep a date with me… and they be the ones who called it.

People don’t realize how low-key disrespectful it is to say “is that your sister? Oh, y’all don’t look alike”. BITCH SO TF WHAT? Why I gotta explain my family to you? If I said it’s my family then it’s my fucking family. Don’t question it! Because for all you know, we can have the same mama AND daddy and just different features and you a rude bitch for thinking anything different!! 😡😡

London will no longer be giving niggas off the internet a chance. If you cannot manage to meet London and introduce yourself to me IN PERSON FIRST, you will not be granted a date. Thanks.  -management

My loneliness becomes depression because I feel neglected by people.

I need alot of attention in the early stages of talking to someone moving towards a relationship… then once I’m comfortable I don’t need that much attention lol

I wish IG had a feature where you could go back and see all of the comments you ever posted on every post

I just want a man who love me and I love back, and can be a nasty hoe for.

I love how people plan birthday parties for their toddlers but somehow the adults are the ones having the most fun… getting drunk n shit lol

Bill Nye the science guy is the man.

Thank You God.

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