2Centz!: Lucky Whitehead’s Struggle Bus

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This week in Sports, Lucky Whitehead has been a topic of discussion again. He’s not the best on the field and hasn’t had a smooth ride off the field either. This week, the Dallas Cowboys cut Lucky Whitehead after failing to appear in court on a theft charge out of Virginia. ALLEGEDLY, Whitehead stole 40$ worth of merchandise from a convenience store. The Dallas Cowboys Fired his ass (might as well had been on the spot). Come to find out, Lucky Whitehead was actually not in the state of Virginia when the theft took place and pulled his receipts to prove it! The real culprit had been using Lucky’s name and social security number and after the Prince Williams County Police reported the mistake, You’d think that his new found innocence would cause the Dallas Cowboys to reinstate Lucky, but no. They didn’t. This is one of the few times when I feel a Trump reference is acceptable. This was  loop trump request donald wrong GIF

Then, to add insult to injury, in a brief media conference, Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett refrained from saying anything other than “we made a decision yesterday that we thought was in the best interest of the cowboys. We’re gonna stand by our decision and move on” when asked questions by the press. They foul and they know it… and truth be told, Lucky hasn’t been the luckiest with is off field antics (attendance issues, in one case leading to a police welfare check, a bizarre dog-napping of Lucky’s pit-bull “Blitz” by local Dallas Rapper Boogoti Kasino for ransom, and being involved in a car accident and failed to report it to the team). I take issue with the Cowboys and the NFL for a few reasons, but the main one being that they didn’t care to play fair and keep Lucky after he was found innocent and possibly release him at another time or for a more legitimate reason. WE KNOW he’s not a star… in fact he could be described as a marginalized player given his abilities and position when he was with Dallas. But have some couth and release the man because of his talents, not because of a bogus allegation that left you with your foot in your mouth.

NOW, Here’s a list of everyone else that the Cowboys gave the benefit of the doubt to over Lucky Whitehead in the distant and recent past:

  • Jourdan Lewis (DV, found not guilty)
  • Ezekiel Elliott (CURRENTLY under investigation for a bar fight, previously DV, drug use suspicion, exposing a woman’s breast 🤦‍♀️, and traffic violations)
  • Leon Lett (Failed drug test; substance abuse, multiple years)
  • Josh Brent (Convicted of Intoxicated manslaughter OF TEAMMATE Jerry Brown Jr.)  what shocked wut bruh lolwut GIF
  • Pacman Jones (Possible involvement in a strip club shooting, alcohol related incidents, scuffle with team bodyguard, and several arrest and incidents involving the police whilst with the Titans, Assault & Felony Vandalism, the list goes on)
  • Alonzo Spellman (Stand off with the Police, and Multiple Altercations with police due to Bi-Polar Disorder)
  • Nolan Carroll Jr. (DWI)
  • Damien Wilson (aggravated assault with a deadly weapon)
  • David Irving (Drug Possession, Failed Drug Tests)
  • Randy Gregory (Drug Possession, Failed Drug tests)
  • Dimitrius Underwood (Mental instability)
  • Dez Bryant (Several public altercations, one involving his mother)
  • La’el Collins (was thought to be linked to the murder of his ex-girlfriend and her baby but was cleared)
  • Michael Irvin (Drug Possession, dangerous fight with a teammate)
  • Greg Hardy (DV)
  • Terrell Owens (Bad attitude and some mental instability)

And I’m sure there’s a few I haven’t listed…

Now, the NY Jets picked up Lucky days after his release (lucky for him) and I’m pretty sure he’s not off the chopping block in NY either but at least they are giving the man a chance despite what the Cowboys may have thought of him. It probably wasn’t a good fit for him anyway.

Long Story Short: My issue is with the Dallas Cowboys as an organization as well as the NFL as an organization. You want your employees, the players, to play fair and be upstanding and leading men. But YOU DON’T PLAY FAIR AS AN EMPLOYER! You don’t treat players the same! You don’t discipline players the same! Everyone plays favorites at some point, but there is no STANDARD PROCEDURE or PROTOCOL for league violations.  obama annoyed whatever unimpressed come on GIF

Its like the fucking wild wild west.

I love football. But I feel like, the NFL is the least regulated professional league in the United States. Why does controversy have to take place for league regulation to become a topic? (or not).


BTW: I will gladly, GLADLY, volunteer 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋to write a standard regulatory protocol model for the National Football League in regards to disciplinary action to players and league affiliates who violate current NFL code of conduct.


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