2Centz: Amber Rose and ‘Traditionally Attractive’

This may be a little tardy but I don’t care, I gotta get this one off my chest, hence, my 2centz on the topic.


So a few days ago, Amber Rose was being criticized for comments she made in an interview on “Drinking Champs” about people who “aren’t traditionally attractive”. Watch the whole 2-hr interview here. And although its long, you don’t have to wait to hear the part everyone is freaking the fuck out about.. less than 3 minutes in is where it starts (the clip TheShadeRoom and BallerAlert posted). Amber goes to say

“I don’t know how I can say this without sounding fucked up but… alot of the people from where I’m from, aren’t traditionally attractive.. and for me, being blessed with beauty, as beautiful women know, its a blessing and a curse… and to grow up in such an area and be blessed with beauty, it was difficult for me… and alot of people used to say “You’re not from South Philly, you’re from California or somethin”…”

People lost their fucking minds 🙄🙄🙄

 orange is the new black uzo aduba threat crazy eyes suzanne GIF

So Muva Amber issued an apology via her Instagram Snap-story. Amber. Muva. Ms. Rose. You ain’t even have to do all that… and lemme tell you why boo (because I’m here for you like that)…

The ONLY and I seriously do mean ONLY reasons anyone would get offended by her comments is because they either (1) don’t know what the term “traditionally attractive” means, or (2) they really just don’t like Amber Rose. 2 issues of YOURS that Amber can’t help. Let me break down a few things for you though. We are going to address the meaning of what she said AS WELL AS the context AND we’re going to look at what “traditionally attractive” means… because I defended her in the comments (still will so wassup bitches), and know exactly what she was saying because I’ve had THE EXACT. SAME. EXPERIENCE.

Now let’s be real, Amber may not be the clearest crystal on the chandelier but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a brain. People who are bringing her education into it… childish 🙄. She admitted in her apology that she didn’t articulate what she was trying to say the best way, which happens to most of us when we’re put on the spot, like ooh saayy, in an interview. Personally, I think she articulated it just fine. I knew exactly what she meant, no confusion, no questions. But! hind-sight is always 20/20 so maybe Amber Rose feels she could’ve said it a bit differently… But in my professional opinion (from a Public Relations POV) she used the words correctly. Her comment was framed in the context of N.O.R.E. asking Amber

“…Coming from Philadelphia .. what was your determination to say ‘you know what, I’ma be bigger than this and better than this, and I’m gone be somebody after’?”

Based on how the question was framed, she answered it how she was supposed to. MIND YOU, the short clip that the blogs posted only gave the snippet of her whole answer. There was much more to her answer to N.O.R.E.’s question. She wasn’t just coming out the blue talking about being pretty. But yall wanna be stuck on the first part of the statement because YOU woke up on the ugly side of the bed that morning. Fuck off. Amber never said “ugly”(but I will), never mentioned anyone by name, and she never declared her opinion to be that of the city of Philly. She was stating her experience growing up in the area that she did (which location makes absolutely no difference because I’m from Cleveland, dealt with the same thing, and I have friends who were born and raised in other parts of the country and had (you guessed it) the exact same experience).


Being approached and told that you don’t look like you’re from where you’re from.

**Sidebar: I literally get this all the time 🙄. I’m from Cleveland. People from Cleveland don’t believe I’m from Cleveland. They usually assume I’m from California as well because of how I look… but the way I sound, my voice and (fake, because I don’t think I have one) accent, read Philly I’ve been told when I’m on both coasts (ironic right?). Once more, I relate to what Muva Amber is saying because I don’t feel at home in my hometown, I’ve never really felt like I belonged here, but I’ve never felt more at peace and at home than when I’m in Los Angeles. Anywho, sticking to the script;

Now, I’ma serve up some facts so y’all can have several seats about what is “traditionally attractive”.  


 science nature pbs evolution law GIF

So while your panties are in a bunch because you think someone pretty called you ugly (and you need to grow the fuck up), lets be clear: many women that we see every day, in the street, on TV, in magazines, while out shopping, and while we’re at work, are beautiful.. and many in their own way. But there is a standard of beauty that is deemed more desirable by western society and lets be real, MOST OF US do not fit those standards but are still attractive; HENCE THE PHRASE: NOT TRADITIONALLY ATTRACTIVE. ONLY 1% of women on planet earth meet all of these standards and fit the mold of “traditional beauty”. So WE ALL for the most part, have that ‘corky’ beauty, that ‘something’s off but I love it’ beauty, that unique beauty.

In the Journal of Young Investigators, the authors list the main characteristics of what scientifically classifies as beauty or attractiveness:

Aside from symmetry, males in Western cultures generally prefer females with a small jaw, a small nose, large eyes, and defined cheekbones – features often described as “baby faced”, that resemble an infant’s. Females, however, have a preference for males who look more mature — generally heart-shaped, small-chinned faces with full lips and fair skin.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah reaction happy excited reactions GIF

I seriously encourage you to look at the article and read further. There are many more features listed that you might find surprising to be considered “more attractive”. I don’t expect people to know all the standards but I do expect people to be able to take words at face value; in this case, Amber Rose’s words. If you are really reading that deep into what she said and feel some kind of way about it, you’re the problem. AND YOU UGLY!


Because of that shitty negative attitude you have about something that was never supposed to be offensive in the first place and wasn’t directed towards or in reference to YOU specifically. You ugly AND sensitive (and immature because you still need to grow the fuck up). And if what I’m saying is pissing you off, you’re proving my point, so thanks. you mad

…because you shouldn’t be…

For more information, feel free to check my sources:

🔖 Looking Good: The Psychology and Biology of Beauty

🔖 The Evolutionary Psychology of Facial Beauty

🔖 Facial Attractiveness: Variation, adaptiveness, and consequences of facial preference

And just to show you how people are stupid… the comments (mostly mine but peep some the others)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Amber catching shit over commenting on her on personal experience, MEANWHILE, Gilbert Arenas’s comments about Lupita Nyong’o slide right past. Again, Fuck off.


Lupita is so pretty to me and her skin is AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS (I’m really jealous my skin doesn’t glisten like hers lol) BUT! She doesn’t fit the mold of ‘traditionally attractive” either. Do you see why all the hoopla and hollering over Amber’s comments about her own personal experience is irrelevant and stupid? Hm. I hope you do. I hope you’ve seen the light if you were stuck in that dark room of ugliness.

**ONE LAST THING** :to say that Amber Rose was lying is literally THEE dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. The experience happened to HER! how can you say she’s lying when a) you don’t know her and b) you weren’t there?? Doesn’t make sense. So while you are pissed off because you think Amber called you, or yo mama, or yo neighbor, or yo friend ugly, you really need to do a self-evaluation. “Because of my looks I was treated differently” DOES NOT DIRECTLY TRANSLATE TO “you/ yall are ugly and I’m pretty”. Once more, Grow Up and Fuck off.

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