Upcoming Birthday Trip

*This is a live document*

Naturally I’m a planner. I love planning trips to go on (or even when the trip is unexpected, I can come up with an alternative itinerary so I can have some fun outside whatever work I’m there to do.)

So, I didn’t do anything last year for my 25th birthday (bummer right?) so I’m planning a nice lil shindig for when my 26TH birthday rolls around. I love to travel so of course I’m going out of state, but I wanted to do something a lil different; I want to go out of the country.. BUT! I don’t have my passport (another bummer right? –I know. I need to get my shit together–). So… I pondered for a bit and decided upon PUERTO RICOOOO!!

 dancing beyonce baile entourage 711 GIF

Its as close as I’m going to get to going overseas at this point (because I’m definitely not about to rush to get my passport) but I’ll still be in the US. nice compromise. Now, what to do next:

  1. Monitor and BOOK flight
  2. Book a Hotel (I already booked 5 nights at the Hyatt in San Juan– give the details later)
  3. Research things to do -shopping, eating (I live for amazing fine dining experiences), nightlife, and activites
  4. reserve whatever other tickets I need
  5. Pick out my outfits!
  6. PACK & GOOO!! ✈✈✈

 security airport GIF

Here’s what I got so far:

  • Flights: monitoring manually (, and through the Hopper App
  • Hotel: Hyatt in San Juan
  • Stuff I wanna do!: Shopping (I found Paseo Caribe but I’m going to look for more places). Dining (I want to find at least 2 restaurants to go to. I know I’ll find more when I get there but I told yall I like to have a plan. so I want to go to one just to try it and another one, a really nice fine dining establishment to have a fancy birthday dinner at) Daytime Activities (SOooo I really wanna do like jet-skiing, possibly sailing… hopefully a day party.. I’m still researching lol) and as for Night Clubs (I found Blue Martini, which is in the area of Paseo Caribe.. so I wanna look for others)
  • I’m contemplating outfits as of right now 😂😂😂 even though my birthday is 5 months away.

I’ll be updating this post with pics and more information as I get it!


Image result for jet skiingImage result for club in puerto ricoRelated image

Image result for beach puerto ricoImage result for shopping in puerto rico

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