2 Centz!: Michael Vick & Colin Kaepernick

HAY! So I decided to start a new segment called, you guessed it: 2Centz! Because Sometimes, I just can’t let stuff slide, and I have to give my 2centz. This is one of those times.

SO! Provided you’ve been getting your google alerts or notifications from ShadeRoom and Baller Alert, you’d already know about Michael Vick going on FoxSports and opening his big mouth about what he thinks Colin Kaepernick should do to get back in the good graces of the NFL. Vick said stuff like Colin needs to cut his hair and “Go Clean-cut” and “Be Presentable”

hold up

I got a few things on my mind I want to address about this.

FIRST OF ALL! Michael Vick… Beloved, you and Colin Kaepernick are apples and oranges. You telling him to change his image is telling him to turn from an orange into an apple. He’s not you, his situation is NOTHING like yours (for the young bloods who don’t know, Michael Vick was convicted and sentenced to 23 months in jail for running a “cruel and inhumane” dog-fighting ring and lying about it (it had been going on for six years)). Colin Kaepernick has been marginalized by the NFL because he spoke up and protested for something he believed in, justice for black folk. He did not commit a crime Michael 🙄. So an image revamp was necessary for you… its not necessary for him.

SECOND! ☝ To be honest, Colin don’t even look pressed to return to the NFL. He is in a unique space. His role as a quarterback in the NFL has given him a platform to reach millions and convey a message… a message he doesn’t seem to have to white-wash or filter for anyone (I wish I could do that and my job not be jeopardized). This is unique in the sense that, he controls what he’s putting out; he’s essentially uncensored. If he didn’t return to football and was forced to retire, Kaepernick is in a position where he can do things he cares about (collaborate with progressive organizations, create schools and scholarships, etc) that can still give him a return (guy’s gotta earn money somehow if he’s not playing) and disseminate his message and influence.

THIRD! Telling Colin Kaepernick to cut his afro is the same as telling Troy Polamalu, Clay Matthew, and Richard Sherman they need to cut their hair too. you crazy

Their hair is a part of their identity as Colin Kaepernick’s hair is a part of his and as how your braids were a part of yours, Michael! Colin rocks his ‘fro as a nonverbal statement of his pride as a black man. To tell him to cut it just to get a job he already had?… And while I have you here::

I think it is insulting to require people to wear their hair a certain way to be considered professional. I should be able to wear my hair in natural Suzie-Q curls, Seneglese twists, and in a long dark weave down to my back and it should have no bearing on what knowledge I posses (assuming everything else is put together in a presentable manner). Same thing for men; provided your dreads or braids or afro are neat and clean, it should not have a bearing on the requirements of the job you were hired to do (because if your hair was going to be a problem, they wouldn’t have hired you in the first place).

Colin Kaepernick was drafted to the NFL. That is his job. He is descent at his job and has proven his capabilities. His hair was never an issue before he took a knee. They don’t have anything on him… except his hair. Because it is a symbol of something that intimidates the reign of white supremacy as it was influenced by Huey Newton and the Black Panther Party (Note that it is believed that as a response to Vic’s comments, Kaepernick posted in his Instagram account the definition of Stockholm Syndrome 😂😂😂 Petty lol.)

Michael Vick was silly for addressing it any issue with Colin Kaepernick in the first place. All they wanted was a sound bite and they got it.🤦‍♀️ Whats funny is, He is sounding like he’s in The Sunken Place. Because umm… lets not forget… MICHAEL 🙄🙄🙄… you did something more criminal and were given a second chance at a professional football career. Kaepernick is more than entitled to a second chance.


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