A Broke Bitch’s Prayer

Dear God, Almighty up above

Please help me out, not to be a scrub.
I’m tired of being broke, like po’ folk
Doesn’t it count that I stay woke?
Please Lord help me
I’m asking YOU  for some money
I wouldn’t be so stupid if I didn’t feel like I was starving!
I know you give your toughest battles to your greatest soldiers
But this whole phase, I’m all the way over
I’m tired of crying on too many shoulders.
Please God! Please!
Just bless me with monies!
Nothin excessive, I just want to live comfortably!
Dear Lord, what lesson is this!?
I try to do good and I feel like it don’t mean shit.
Forgive me Lord, pardon my French.
But this is frustrating!
Way more than dating!
I wouldn’t even be in the mindset of mating!
It’s like try to move one step, and get knocked back 3
I’m trying to do stuff just for mee!!
Bless me, please Lord!
You know I’ll only do what I can afford.
I didn’t forget, you’ve humbled me before.
Dear God!
You know my heart
You know the last thing I’d want to do is get caught up with the sharks
But it looks so easy
And you know I know it’s greasy, and sleazy
But I’ve done it so breezy
UGH! But you KNOW that’s not even my thiiing
So I’m begging you God, Please!
Give money to me.
You said to be specific when we ask from thee.
Please bless me to be financially free.
So I don’t have to be the broke bitch’s epitome.


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