Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts of June

Here we are again! I’m a lil late but I still delivered. But Wayment, lemme just let yall know that this is a short list 😦 Because on June 27th, my phone did a hard reset randomly and I lost everything. Everythang? E-VER-Y-THANG! So pardon me please. But you know that means I got alot more in store for my random thoughts of JULY! So without further a due, here we go!

😭😭 my phone reboot and erased everything so I lost my original post… so upset.

“You can’t change nobody that’s not in diapers” – Steven Easley

In think the real reason I don’t like long layovers is because it gives me the opportunity to get drunk before I get on the plane lol

I’ve been told that I have a light that radiates off me. That that’s my heart shining through.

“Some people like where they are. They don’t want help. They like being stuck in the shitty hole they are in. Misery loves company, so you being at a low point in your life attracted that. Everything looks good when you’re depressed. But once you’re out of your depression and the other person isn’t, y’all connection can’t go any further or any deeper. Because they don’t want to get out of where they are and your “helping” further hinders you.” -Steven Easley

You never know what someone is really going through. Be kind and not judgmental.

If the referees didn’t sabotage the Cavs so bad finals games 3 and 4, we would’ve won the NBA 2017 finals. Good job Durant tho, he looked happy winning 😒 durant nba champion

“When you’re stuck between shitty, and shittier, you just have to make a decision and own that shit” -Gloria, OITNB **forgive the paraphrase, but that’s close enough**

I will no longer be allowing people to reserve my time more than 3hrs in advanced. And you have a 20minute grace period to show up on time before I begin the process of adding you to the DON’T ANSWER list.

I’m not depressed or anything at the moment but I honestly feel like if something happened to me, nobody would be phased.

High school really is some people’s peak season 😨😳

That moment when you see someone you know and they see and recognize you and then they quickly turn their back as to try to hide lol yea 😆 you seen me bitch, now come make this money.

So the Tupac Movie was good. Just good tho. If you already seen all his movies, films, documentaries, interviews, magazine spreads, and heard his music, you literally missed nothing. It was a good movie. Not great. It would have been GREAT if the movie revealed information we didn’t already know or footage we hadn’t already seen. But good for Benny Boom.


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