Poetry, race

Systemic Reflection

the system

The system now was built to block
the up rise of blacks to be the head cock
Don’t take it wrong
I mean alpha strong
The top notch, top flight,

With Records botched, unfair fight
How are we supposed to conquer this plight?
Blinding the kids saying “it’ll be alright”
Lies lies lies all lies
Let me work for flocka so that he can fly?
50k a year so that he can get high
Because the jobs I work make a bitch tied  (tired)
2 jobs and a degree
Got an education so they can cheat me
I’m not compensated for what I do
Running through the mud to a tree with no fruit
Broke niggas out here only option is to shoot
They don’t know no better
Worldstar goal setter
Gotta have kicks, always gotta be fresher
Snazzy ass dresser, but the intellect is lesser
Crumble under pressure
Lacking teachers is the tester
Frustrations fester
It’s beyond a gesture
Everything a major stressor
We need someone to find a solution, Dexter
We need someone to find a solution, Dexter

All lives matter?
No all worlds shatter
Corporate pockets grow fatter

Off the pounds and cake batter
Gotta step on young niggas comin up the latter
Move up out the hood and pretend it don’t matter

I get madder about the later

Because with ease I can gather

That this land of the free and home of the brave

Wasn’t meant for us who started here as slaves

And the plan for the destitute is not to save

And force into positions to have to misbehave.

See the ghettos were made on purpose

Not to serve us, but to serve us

Up on a platter to people who say we don’t matter

Because we are dollar signs

With No blood lines.

They erase our pasts in hopes that we’d forget

the beatings and the hosings, and all that crazy shit.

We built this land despite being taken from our own

We adjust and adapted and made sure the crops had grown

Billion dollar industries built on our backs through blood sweat and tears

Forreal forreal, yall should be the one living in fear

In fear of a fight, in fear up an uprise

that is as sure as the days you see the sunrise

But it hasn’t happened yet. You wanna know why? Because it aint like we forget.

Its because we trust GOD more than we trust you, so we keep the faith and don’t fret.

You see the injustices, us being gunned down in the streets

By the boys in blue that claim to be police.

You’ve seen the footage, you’ve read the stories

And still act like you deserve the glory.

Don’t you see how this is faulty? And don’t you see how we should be salty?

Because the idea of this rhetoric should be so lofty.

You cut your nose off to spite your own face.

Do you see what you do to America in regards to race?

So stop acting like we’re different, stop giving us chase

Because at the end of the day, OUR people built it,

But we both live in this place.





**forgive the formatting, I cant fix it**




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