Up with the Bluff


I’m somewhere over the Great Lakes
Over my great state (Ohio)
Getting over this shitty date
Back in LA

I was with a corny cuz
With a descent mug
He was kinda nice to me but I don’t give a fuck
His name rhymed with ‘retard’, that should’ve been enough
I should’ve stopped there but I had to call his bluff
See we met on my last cali trip
Took care of me and my girl, let me push the whip
Take me shopping and shit (my money)
And this pussy he did split
But shit,
That should’ve been enough
But I had to call his bluff

The plan was, I pay for the plane
You pay for the Room
I shouldn’t pay for anything if ima keep it true
But that shit was a fail
Reject letter in the mail
Yet & still he tried, he failed
Bouncing from room to room, hotel to hotel
Tryna get a room and they like “no sale”
Now it’s feelin like jail, because that nice ass whip, now we living out that shit
I’m fed up with this
And that Valentine’s day gift? I’m taking that shit
But that wasn’t even the straw that made me want his wig split
It was this shit:
<<you can pay for this meal, or you can pay for dinner tonight>>
Me pay for what? Me pay for what?
See that don’t add up, that shit don’t add up
And I don’t give a fuck
Ask me what I did next (what you do?)
I paid the shit, then sent a text
To my home girl saying what he should expect
This Nigga made me cash out, this Nigga made me spend a buck
So with my luck, dinner will be 2 bucks
But he cancelled dinner out and said he’d rather eat in
But little did he know my plan was about to begin
This clown up in my face, askin for a kiss, legs wrapped around my hips, here come them crusty ass lips and I felt so sick
So I did my hair to make him go to sleep, so my plan could hatch, I started to creep
I crept around the room to pack my shit, go to check the car for shit I might miss
I get it all together, then there’s one final stop
I’ma take him up top
Bottle of wine, that’s mine
That money clip will definitely fit
And the tree? It’s comin with me.
At 3am I call an uber to leave this lodge and get the hell out of dodge
My intentions were never to hurt you or scheme
But you knew from the beginning I wasn’t down with certain things
Be glad I didn’t rob you just on day 1
But maybe I should’ve, then got with my homies, and had some real fun in the sun.
Instead of entertaining all your huffing and puffing and cuffing and bluffing.


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