Bet on Her

The girl is more wordier.
More flirtier.
She got the legs and the lips and the curvature to service yer (you).
Take her to the telly,
Put one off, in her belly,
Make her scream and get ta yellin,
Got her creamin, add some jelly
Got the room all hot and smelly
Shooting up the court like Delly

Her lips gone split on my dick
she’s gonna sit, ride that shit,
spin that ass around and switch
gettin into trouble, like lilo  & stitch
She got tattoos on her body
All in her mouth, she feel cocky
Fuck her lights out like I’m rocky
Gimme sloppy toppy
Slob all on it make it sloppy-er
Grab her neck, pull her hair,
Fuck all the right angles, like a square
Pick her ass up, move to the chair
Killin it like a villain deep in my lair
I am the ruler! She call me the Mayor!
Dribble my balls like I’m at Baylor
Her pussy is so ray-er  (rare)
High off of it like it’s Her-oin
Got my heart beat Goin
Hit it deep down now she moaning
Feel so good, now I’m zoning
She’s my fix when I’m jonesin.
Got her pussy wide open
Got her mouth wide open
Inject my shit in her, she dopin
Ass and titties I keep gropin
We straight vibin, we in motion
Neighbors said we cause commotion
Her pussy wet and warmer than the ocean
I can’t hit then just be ghostin
She do all the shit you caint
Tickling my taint, she bout to make me faint, she bless me like a saint
Goin hard in the paint
Man She gets no complaints!
And guess what nigga,
And you can take it to the bank!

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