4 Nuts

Our first time was like your first time

Your first time with a girl so fine

Could never hit and quit

He don’t wanna cross the line

He seen that bottom lip and he couldn’t resist

He insists on a kiss

Holy Shit

Her kiss lit

A fire in his belly, now he knows her shit legit

Sat her on his face because he cravin’ her sweet taste

Licked her up and down until she say “stop… wait”

Sparks they create, she on top, grip her neck, feeling cumin, legs shake

There’s the first, but not the last

Flipped her over, smash that ass

Hit it down, hit it up, hit it right, hit it left,

He go so deep she can feel it in her chest.

She’s so wet, its so good,

Hold up girl, slurp this wood

She get it like a bitch from the hood.

Back up in her, slip & slide

Wasn’t ready for this ride.

God, hold on, can’t come inside

Let it out, let it go,

Got 2 down, 2 more to go.

Now the third, this the third

This shit here not for the birds.

Most people can’t put into words

The feeling that you get

When its wet

And its set

No net and no regrets.

She on top once again

And that dick goin in

Stroke it slow, bounce that ass,

Then he smack it and go fast.

He climbs higher then goes deeper

Her game tight she’s not a sleeper.

Then she grips but won’t get up

He grabs her thighs, her back, her butt

Then he yells “I’m bout to nut!”

She won’t get up, she won’t get up!

Then he buss all in her gut.

Hot moist high, they way way up (way up).

Smooth slow grind, can’t get enough

Kiss and hug, feel the love

Or lust, and trust.

After they sleep, they’re right back up

And get back at it, like crack addicts

Gotta have it.

It’s the 4th round and about to go down.

He whips it out and she suck it

He balls deep like he fuckin

At a loss for words, huff and puffin

She gobble that dick like she grubbin.

Done with the foreplay, now they fuckin.

He all inside, hittin that pussy from the back,

Tryna have her straight cumin while she arch it like that.

Thumb in her butt, she lovin that,

And a dick so fat, she lovin that.

Make her scream his name because they have no shame

Don’t care if the neighbors complain

Now he stroke it hard and long

This bump and grind there’s nothing wrong.

Had to get it now, cuz in the morning she’s gone

Finger in her mouth, you know what that’s about

Going hard on this couch

She’s the prospect, he’s the scout

Searchin hard for a rider

Who can take away the doubts

Her pussy so lovely that he never wants out

Now he’s the one screaming tryna make her shout.

Its goin. Goin. 4th nut out, now its morning.

She slides out to another venture

His feng shui is off center

Stuck reminiscing until the next time she lets him enter…

And buss these 4 nuts

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