Stream of Conscience

Standin ’round, watching, waiting
Waiting in the money
So I can get my baby
Anything he want like it’s crazy
This world shady
I just wanna do right without having to do wrong,
In this cut throat state, predetermined fate, anticipating it like a hot date
So I self medicate
To ease my pain, to ease my sorrow
I’m out of tears, don’t got none to borrow
No more fears, I’m in the game Harbaugh
But There’s always a glitch
Get caught up like hitch
You thought it’d be a sitch
Tryna be out here get rich
Pay the piper then get lit
It’s all business til we quit
Pass the chief, let me hit
You could be anywhere else, with anyone else, but you’re here with me, shit
We fit
Like puzzle pieces
You the reason, it’s one season in my mind, all the time
How you fell into my lap, then got closer in the winter, got you sprung all through the summer
One question later now we in here
No more games like jeopardy
Standing in this aisle so readily to steadily
Confess to you, confess to me
that we were always meant to be
The sun, the moon, the stars aligned
For our souls to cross paths, collide
Baby you picked me up, brushed me off, cleaned me up
You’re almost as good as the man up above
This why I had to snatch this man up
Cute as fuuuhh
He Do right by huu  (her)
Take her out the hood, give her somethin good
Change her name, change the game like you know you should
Baby girl turned housewife, no mistake, she still bout that life
No more struggle, don’t have to hustle, no more getting fired, paperwork for new hires, long nights,weekend strikes, managers with spite, coworkers out of strife
No more chasing the funny money
He said it’s all good honey
He said I gotchu baby, dont worry my lady
What was autonomous is now in sync
Got my body and mind together, no shrink
And just to think, in a blink
My future flashed before my eyes because we just wet last week.


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