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Random Thoughts of March

Sometimes I get these random thoughts throughout the days.. and felt like I should share them. Although this is the 3rd of April, All of these tid-bits are from the month of March. I will be posting one in May with my thoughts from April. Enjoy 🙂

I swear the playground is the scariest place for parents.. fun for kids, frightening for parents

Have you ever been talking to someone while going through a rough patch in life where you have 2 hairs and 2 pennies left to your name and don’t mention tell them because you don’t want to be judged. But somehow they sense your struggle and want to love you anyway?

Is it crazy AND possible to fall in love In 30days?

White people who have sense are salty af Donald trump is president

I can’t wait for this impeachment

Movie money at 40mil. Want to increase to 80mil. I say increase to 120mil. Last 40mil used to reinvent Cleveland  (inner city)- tear down or restore dilapidated housing, invest in local business in inner city. Keep residents here and happy and business alive. Also opportunity for new businesses to be established.
Economy boost.

Something that sucks: out- growing a best-friend

Someone I know chastise me for not calling to ask about a surgery Idk about after I sent a meme that was a joke.. but had the nerve to be going out after you just had surgery. Oh aright. How you know the meme wasn’t sent to make you smile after your shitty surgery?

Lying on the way to church? Lord have mercy on you.

It’s really hard to say no to stuff you really really really want.

How are my friends, still my friends? Are they?

I’m not a cat person but I see myself wanting and needing to buy a cat.

The world doesn’t revolve around me but I create my own universe.

How do you invite me out somewhere but not give any details?

Negative pov (I gotta stop this); so many forces in the world are keeping me from seeing someone I think I want to be with for the rest of my life, is this a sign I’m wrong?

Get your shit together, and make someone invest in your ideas.

If he really love you he’ll put you on and help you earn your own money.

When someone changes their communication pattern, it means they’re distracted.

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