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Health & Fitness: 5 Tips to Jump-Start Your Summer Body Workout Plan


5 Tips to Jump-Start Your Summer Body Workout Plan

So by now, most of you who have kept your New Year’s Resolutions are already ready to start wearing crop tops and booty shorts BUT! For those of you who are not, lemme help you out. I’m one of those folks that didn’t put “weight-loss” as a New Year’s resolution, but I don’t want to be one of those girls at the beach feeling some kind of way about her body because I was too lazy or procrastinated getting back in shape. I used to live a healthy lifestyle when I was a junior in college (I bought a blender and though I had to become the smoothie queen and workout 7 days a week. Don’t ask why, it just happened.) Since I graduated, my consistency has dragged. See, the way my life is set up… I’ll consistently workout and eat healthy (for the most part) for about a month straight, maybe even up to 3 months, then something traumatic happens in my life and everything turns to shit, including my healthy lifestyle. This just tends to be the pattern. Anywho… As of lately, I’m back on my ish and getting in shape. I’ve been on-and-off since January but as of the past 30 days I have been consistent thanks to: A) My new Boo-Thang, I want to look good for him; B) I don’t want to not be beach body ready this summer; and C) These 5 Steps I’m about to share with you!

Ok. Lets Go.


First you have to figure out what exactly you want to do to your body. Now since its Spring, going into Summer fairly soon, you don’t have a lot of time to make sure your poppin for spring break so first things first: Do I want to Gain weight or Lose weight? This will be the determinate for how to structure your fitness plan. If you want to focus on gaining muscle (or weight in general), you are going to want to limit the amount of Cardio you do (3x a week MAX) and begin weight training. If you plan to lose weight, you should do Cardio minimum 4x a week. As well, weight training with light weights or body weight exercises.


One specifically, Forskolin. I recommend this magic pill to anyone interested in fitness who will listen. To be honest, I am not sure how effective it may be for anyone who is looking to gain weight but it is very effective in burning fat to lose weight. I heard about this nutrient from an episode of Dr. Oz and I have been hooked ever since. Forskolin is a natural supplement that burns fat. It gets to the fat underneath and between muscles without damaging the muscles and without harsh side effects on your stomach or bowels. I suggest looking into Forskolin even if you are looking to gain weight though. Forskolin would help you trim fat before adding lean muscle mass. I have tried different brands but the one that I feel has worked the best for me was by WORLDWIDE NUTRITION and I purchased off here.I suggest when shopping around, be sure to read the labels of ingredients. You want a formula that has AT LEAST 20% yield Forskolin to get results. Also, you don’t have to get on some crazy workout regimen to see results. It works with you going through your everyday motions.  And of course, feel free to drink your Flat Tummy Teas and Herbal life supplements. I’m not against that. I’m just suggesting what I use because it works so well. And regardless if you invest in supplements or not, you still need to…


The idea shouldn’t be to work yourself to death trying to get fit… because everyone can’t and/ or won’t do that. But you have to get moving some way. I get it, some people just don’t like to work out; for those of you like that, I suggest walking and/ or running. Please be mindful though, if you are looking to gain weight, after about a week to 10 days, I’d say begin to decrease in your cardio and begin or increase your weight training until you are only doing cardio 3x a week. For those of you looking to lose weight, get up and get moving. Workout routine too challenging? Walk or run. Set small goals for yourself (i.e. Day 1: see what you can do, walk a mile, Day 2: walk further, Day 3: time yourself, Day 4: increase distance and/ or speed, and so on and so on). Not really feeling that either? Dance for 30mins, and I don’t mean that snap & sway dance either. GO HARD lol like a Beyonce Video. tumblr_mlglz6l0iP1rla1tko1_500 If You really Are looking to go hard and challenge yourself, I recommend downloading the Nike Training Club App through Google Play on your Smartphone. Its totally free and gives you access to an abundance of workout routines that target certain areas of the body as well as weight training and full body workouts by your favorite athletes. There is even a feature to create a plan with goals and tracking.



So This I’d say is usually the toughest part to getting and staying healthy. We are always tempted by our favorite foods… which usually are the worst things for us to eat (never met anyone whose favorite food in the world was Kale). And If you didn’t already know, eating healthy and organic is EXPENSIVE (hence why many poverty stricken areas are considered food deserts and the grocery stores you do find in the hood don’t have a damn thing in them that’s healthy or organic… but  that’s a rant for another day, pardon me). But figure out your food situation. What I mean by that is: decide what is best for you. Now, If your food stamps haven’t come in yet, or your baby-daddy actin funny with the money and you don’t know if you’ll be able to really BALL OUT at grocery store in the produce section like you’d like, that’s ok. Use what you got to get what you want.. at least for this week before you have to go grocery shopping again. Decide between 5 meals a day or 3 (HINT: the more meals a day you consume, the faster your metabolism becomes). Then decide what kind of food you can eliminate immediately (More Carbs and heavier Proteins (beef, pork, chicken) to gain weight. Less carbs and lighter proteins (Chicken, turkey, fish) to lose weight). You can also consider ridding of the bad fats (junk food and greasy food). This is a start in the right direction with out traumatizing drastic change to your system.


I think spiritual balance is really essential (especially living in the world we are in today). Meditation helps to keep you focused on your goals as well as not disrupting your flow of energy. I have been getting into meditation just because I feel I need it but I believe its good to do when you are trying to jump start a plan such as this one because understand that health & fitness is a lifestyle, not a trend. Its only temporary when you stop living the lifestyle (for whatever reason). Meditating for about an hour each day will not only help you focus on your goal of getting healthier and managing your weight but it will help you across all aspects of your life. I recommend doing some research and finding what works for you. I made 2 wall art painting of the Chakras (your body’s energy centers; there are 7) for my own meditation practicing to help guide me and set the mood. But Here’s a few link you can check out to get the gist and decide what you want to do for your own  meditation (Even If it is only 15 mins a day).

What Is Meditation

5 Alternative Ways to Meditate

Now that you have all that, GET STARTED!

You don’t wanna be at the beach looking salty in your one-piece or with a t-shirt on, with your back fat hanging out and thinking to yourself “shoulda coulda woulda”. Just Do IT. Get up and Go walk for 30 mins; even if your excuse IS just to get fresh air. Whatever you gotta do to help you sleep better at night. Which by the way: Working out at night improves the quality of your sleep (It’s a scientific fact). So if your real issue is sleeping, try exercising right before you go to bed. It works for me!

I hope my tips help you to get started! I just wanted to give you a little push. Now you can go the rest of the way!

Feel free to add your own tips! Like, Comment, Subscribe!

-Until Next Time!





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