What is Love?

Yo! So this is my first blog post. I’ve honestly just been anxious to post something even though my site isn’t where Id like it to be right now. But I wrote this poem around Valentine’s Day 2017. Nothing special went on or anything but I had been feeling a ways about the meaning of love. Prior to this time I went through a very rough and dark patch in my life. It was temporary and I am in a much better space but I was still feeling under attack by different forces in my life (namely my family). But ANYWHO… This is what came out of me..

What is Love?

What is love?
What is this connection? Between a mother and a son, a father and his number one?
Between two forniators on a lane or on a beach having sex under the sun?
What about disdain disguised in gifts and a facade?
You think you can really handle this ride?
Some say love is like a Rollercoaster with its ups and it’s downs, smiles and frowns, different laughs that compound.
Into memories. Some amazing, some great, and some that make you think it’s fate.
And some memories that may turn your “love” to hate.
What is love?
How bout Christ, his blood? Let me back up a minute, because you not hearing me like you should.
How bout my blood? Your blood? The blood running through our veins?
The blood that defines who’s in your lineage and your family versus who aint.
What about the blood sweat and tears you’ve shed with select ones over years, who have come to grow you, know you, and keep secret all your fears.
The ones you’ve shared a meal or two, a drink or two, a dollar or two..
And there’s nothing anyone can tell them about you.
There’s no blood relation, but the long term situation will have you thanking, the Man above Because without them you wouldnt make it.
What is love?
What is it when a stranger in the street is the most generous person you meet? Willing to clothe you and feed you without having to kiss their feet.
Wanting nothing in return but to see you warm and eat.
That’s a certain kind of Love, God’s love shining through a earthly vessel. Warm like how a baby likes to nestle.
Ima back up one more time because yall still not ready for that line..
What is love?
Is it walking away? (Pause)
Is it walking away? From a person or a thing you knew just could not stay?

 I mean really, think. Is love walking away? From a situation that if you stay the people around you won’t see another day?

Is it walking away from someone you’ve caused so much pain to in every way?
Is it walking away when someone tells you that they’re gay?
Is it staying quiet to keep the problems at bay?
Is it walking away to create something better than what you have to give it all to the one that you created so they never have to say, what they never had?
What is love?
Is it giving yourself to others in ways they can’t return?
Is it taking away from others to benefit instead of learn?
Draining all you can to make sure you only earn.
Doing for you and yours with no care for them and theirs
Unlike them upstairs.
Reflect on this: caring for self. Take a look in the cabinets and see what’s staring at you on the shelf.
What is love?
Is it blindly following directions? Regardless of affections, or afflictions, or perceptions, or depictions or detection?
Is it making moves to rule the free world by rigging an election?
 Is it supporting someone crazy despite the possibility of rejection?
Is it making dreams come true for people who do not look like you?
Who don’t hinder one another and can safely share their respective views.
What is love?
I keep asking because I want you to think. What does love mean to you? What does it look like? Sound like? Feel like? Taste like?
Can you tell me what it ain’t like?
See, I have it tatted on me like some of you do too.
1 corinthians 13:4-8,
 I’m not going to quote it but take my word, the passage is great (lol).
It talks about what love is between a couple but translates.
To all relationships.
It’s the kind of Love we should all have for one another, not the kind that shapes and shifts.
The kind of Love that’s always there, not just only to bring you gifts.
The kind of Love that loves all of you not just your hips, curves, and lips.
The kind of Love through thick and thin, won’t leave you hanging, won’t dip.
My life is a journey of what love is.
The way I know it is how I want to teach it to my kid.
I’m still learning that’s for sure,
and although ive had enough “lovers”, I know better than to be scorned.
I’m not bitter, but I’m better
because the love of God predicts my weather.
And it’s not always sunny but it works
Because I know my path still in the works.
And I know He loves me because of what He did first.
This piece I’d actually like to perform for an audience. Spoken Word? I just like it… alot. And I address a plethora of things (subtle and some not so subtle) in this poem. More to come.

Tell me whatcha think!  🙂

-Until Next Time!